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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Fact of the night

lastcatastrophe used to perform sex change operations on her Barbie dolls.

About halfway through the game I noticed a "Gauthier" on the Kings and lastcatastrophe and I screamed "Gabe! Gabe!" But then tersa checked the lineup and it's an IMPOSTOR GABE. :( :( :( I was very sadfaced.

BUT! The people in front of us (Sharks fans) made up for it because one of them is GABE'S BEST FRIEND!!! Apparently Gabe just got married. See, it pays to express your insanity publicly. :D

Much more to update later, but GABE pretty much deserves his own update.

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I think it really does pay to display is publicly! :D yay for having fun!

It does! And anyone who doesn't like it will probably stay away for fear of the crazy people so it's win-win!


Perhaps he will tear up the AHL again! *cough*

and people think there is no pay off for being crazy!

I had barbie as the swinger who used to visit my doll house. one of the rooms of which was a dungeon :) I was always into slash I guess.

Crazy is its own reward. Or something.

That is so awesome! You somehow need to make an icon of that.

Hi! I was reading rickenbacker's flist and I saw this post. Gabe Gauthier! I live near Manchester NH and I watch him a bunch on the Monarchs! It looks like he's on the Monarchs roster right now, although I'm not sure that it's been updated. Would be nice if he's around, though, as I plan to go to a game soon. What's your Gabe connection? I poked around a little but I couldn't figure it out.

How random! I didn't think anyone besides us cared about GABE but apparently they do! :P

A couple of years ago me, lastcatastrophe and tamiflu went to the Pacific division rookie tournament in LA and a man watching the games started talking to us and said he was Gabe's father. So we paid attention to him and cheered for him for fun and it was a bonding experience. :D

After that, we'd always get excited about his accomplishments, like actually making it to the NHL for a few games, then being named AHL player of the week at some point.

Oh! Another connection, he played at the University of Denver and so did (ex-Sharks player) Matt Carle and I found some articles about them. :)

Ah, Gabe! The ladies at the Monarchs games certainly seem to like him; I think he gets his share of attention :) That's great that you got to talk to his dad, and now his best friend! Last year I randomly heard Gabe getting interviewed on the radio and he was very funny. They asked him how he'd prefer for people to pronounce his last name, and he started ranting about those who tell him "Dude, you know your last name is pronounced GOTH-ee-er, right?" XD Even though we have a very high percentage of Canadians here in New Hampshire, the locals shun proper French-Canadian pronunciation. Go figure.

That's hilarious! Is he super flirty or something? That's one of those weird regional things or something. Like in Tampa they say Marty Saint Louie instead of San Louie.

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