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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Gay, gayer and gayest

Waking up at 6AM for no reason is just not fair. :(

So the C next to Vesa's name on the lineup sheet was a "typo", haha. I feel relief for everyone involved.

They showed some interviews with various Sharks in the pre-game show (OMG we have a pre-game show now! And a post-game! I love you, sideline bitches!) and I was kind of taken aback because Joe Thornton was wearing quite a gay T-shirt. But he's had moments of gayness in his past, so I settled down, but then... PATTY WAS WEARING A SOMEWHAT SIMILAR GAY T-SHIRT too!!!!!! I was very disturbed and wondered who was responsible for all of this... until they showed Drew interviewing McLellan in Saskatoon, and Drew was wearing the GAYEST T-SHIRT of them all, and then I understood.

Cheech was second star of the night. :) My heart kind of melted when Devin inexplicably fell down after his goal, just like Cheech would have done as a baby!!!

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