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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Gay, gayer and gayest

Waking up at 6AM for no reason is just not fair. :(

So the C next to Vesa's name on the lineup sheet was a "typo", haha. I feel relief for everyone involved.

They showed some interviews with various Sharks in the pre-game show (OMG we have a pre-game show now! And a post-game! I love you, sideline bitches!) and I was kind of taken aback because Joe Thornton was wearing quite a gay T-shirt. But he's had moments of gayness in his past, so I settled down, but then... PATTY WAS WEARING A SOMEWHAT SIMILAR GAY T-SHIRT too!!!!!! I was very disturbed and wondered who was responsible for all of this... until they showed Drew interviewing McLellan in Saskatoon, and Drew was wearing the GAYEST T-SHIRT of them all, and then I understood.

Cheech was second star of the night. :) My heart kind of melted when Devin inexplicably fell down after his goal, just like Cheech would have done as a baby!!!

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Vancouver made Luongo their captain. It's on the roster sheet on their site and everyone was talking about it last night. (I was going between three games at once) I want to know how they're going to make that work because he can't wear the C or leave the crease. It's in the rule book even.

Vesa would be a more interesting captain anyway. How do you feel about Blake there now? It was weird for me to see him in a Sharks jersey.

Well, Luongo everyone knew about. They had a press conference about it and stuff. :) He's captain in name, not in any official capacity. The Canucks have 3 alternate captains.

Vesa would be an interesting captain in that he would be a terrible captain. :D

It's just WEIRD seeing Rob Blake as a Shark. It was weird seeing JR as a Shark too, but I imagine Blake will just sort of... fade into the background or something.

I giggled when Setoguchi fell. He really does resemble Cheechoo!

Also, I need screencaps of these gay t-shits. ldfsfks

I keep hoping that they'll fall in love, but it hasn't happened yet. :(


At second glance, not so much gay as ratty?


Oh my god, in that last picture, he's the only one not wearing a striped polo shirt. WHAT THE HECK, NORCAL.

LOL, I hadn't noticed that! That's actually taken in Saskatoon where Todd McLellan was having his day with the Cup. I guess they have some kind of dress code. :P

My mom and I had a moment of nostalgia for Bambi-Cheech and the two-part goal celebration, pre and post falling down. I think he loves Seto more now that he isn't stealing his job.

Drew can always be counted on to lead the charge for gay clothes. Even if he's sworn off pink.

I miss Torrey. :(

It is so bizarre that he's like... a good skater now. And that he hasn't fallen down celebrating in ages. I guess he had to grow up one day. *sniffle*

You know, I was relieved that Patty's shirt looked kind of ratty and probably wasn't part of Drew's gay parade, but then the other day I saw that EW has a shirt like that...

At least he'll be blogging! About Devin, muahahaha!

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