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I went to the gym for the first time in ages and I feel amazing. And the Blue Angels were flying over the city all day. Both of these things make me happy. :)

LOL Ron made Vesa captain? Most oblivious captain ever. :D I guess he will have to make an effort to do things like... know what's going on around him now. Go Leafs go! I should have bought a Marian Thrashers T-shirt back then, I don't think I can buy a Marian Wings T-shirt. :( How depressing to see Emrick again. But since I fast forwarded through the game, I didn't have to hear his voice. :D I found it kind of disrespectful that the announcers talked over the Canadian anthem. Is that generally done? Made me feel uncomfortable.

What? "Beat LA" chant in Philly? I thought that was just a NorCal thing. Yay for the Phillies! I have randomly adopted them this post-season because I seem to do that for every sport I watch. I know pretty much nothing about them. Cole Hamels looks like Henrik Zetterberg in some photos and Jared Padalecki in others.

Oops, I screwed up and missed the first period of the Sharks game. Good thing nothing happened and the game will be OnDemand. It's nice to see the Sharks not playing like chumps to start the season. And I'm excited that Kaspar finally made the team! It's kinda' funny that we had a 4 and a 22 for years on defensive defensemen and now both are offensive defensemen.

I really love Patty and Devin playing together. I think they complement each other really well. I wonder if swapping big and little Joe would work out well, although I can't complain with how both lines are performing now. I love even more that Ehrhoff scored a goal and like that. I always wanted him to be our guy with the big bomb from the blueline and while it was nice to see him flourish last season as a defensive defenseman, I always felt a little disappointed, like he wasn't doing what he was supposed to be doing. Maybe now with Rob Blake on the team he will fulfill his destiny...

I'm so crazy happy to see my team, and when I say my team, I mean Sharks born and bred, haha. With the exception of Mike Grier, he can be an honorary Shark.

We have two new sideline bitches! One of them is Scott Reiss and I like him very much so far. :D Plus, he's a Stanford alum! Kate Longworth is pretty good, too! I feel so spoiled. :) First game of the season and Drew is already talking about exchanging clothes with Randy. Will we see our first on-screen kiss between announcers? Hmm...

Man, Dan Boyle really, really likes the phrase "right off the bat".

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