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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Bestiality has gone too far ...

Chip gets massive amounts of spam and when he sees a really funny one, he forwards it to me. The subject of the most recent one was mmmmmmm love to get ass fucked by my dog and the mail itself was pics of naked women, and also pics of ... a zebra, a snake, a monkey, a lion and a giraffe. I was in hysterics in the office.

Videogame quiz!

Which GTA Vice City Character are you?

brought to you by Quizilla
You're Mercedes. You have an insatiable craving for sex, no matter if it's with a guy or a girl. Hell, you'd do the whole crew of your latest movie. But, you still hold a special place in your heart for that certain someone...but until they give up, you'll just do the whole town.

Finally watched the most recent episode of Shark Byte, a TV show on the Sharks.

Harvey: Gravey keeps touching me and stuff.
Actual quote! *giggle*

Mush talks to himself during the national anthem.

Gravey, Owen and Harvey get jiggy wit' it during the national anthem.

The lesbian was smiling and was wearing a cap that said "Marco Sturm and Friends". I shrieked at Chip that I just slashed the two of them (sort of) recently. He commented that I sounded too proud about it.

I want a "Marco Sturm and Friends" cap! :)

We speculated on the origin of the cap. Chip's theory involved getting smashed and possible tattoos. I went and looked it up and it seems to be some sort of summer hockey camp for kids thing that he does in Germany.

Thorty's default expression seems to be confused. I guess that's better than vacant open-mouthed stare. *grin*

A bit apprehensive about tonight's game against the Oilers. Well, actually, I'm not. No more smut, no more expectations. I'll just see how it goes. :)

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*dies* gravy keeps touching me!!! *dies* lucky guy

I think there needs to be an in depth look at everyone in the NHL and what they do at the anthems *giggles*

*licks thorty*

*giggle* Yes, he is! And I wonder what the "and stuff" part refers to. *grin*

Oh there totally should! *remembers Todd skating off before the anthem ended*

Eee I forgot to say they showed his son too, and his son really looks like him! Has those same strange eyebrows. But umm, I think his son is tougher, LOL!

and stuff can only mean one thing *giggles*

hehehe awww lol

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