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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Nobody to root for

Anyone know where I can listen to MLB playoff games online for free? :D

[Edit: Ended up borrowing an AM radio from my co-worker (she's only in the office for like 6 hours on Wednesdays anyway) so I'm listening to the games and I have Gameday running on my secondary laptop for video replays and stuff. :)]

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You might try the websites for the local ESPN radio affiliates for the teams playing? All the games are on Espn radio. Don't know if they'll carry the broadcasts online, though.

Nope, the online broadcasts will all be blacked out. MLB keeps a pretty tight fist around what audio/video is available online since they offer their own packages that they charge for.

Bummer, I know, but it's why I finally caved for mlb.tv/gameday audio.

Figured as much. Once, ONCE, I was listening to KNBR online, and the broadcast stayed live, even when the Giants game started, but since there are only the three games today, I figure there's little chance of a similar oversight ;)

Hee, I've had that happen once or twice before too. It's kind of funny once someone at the station realizes they forgot to "flip the switch" when the game started. ;)

Darn, I actually get radio on my MP3 player, but just FM. I'll have to "watch" on MLB Gameday, hehe.

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