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ZITO GAY made my day

I've been working on some yucky stuff recently. I won't go into the gory details, but everyone who has had any contact with this product agrees that using it is like having a chronic disease that saps you of the will to live. Basically I had to take over without really knowing all that much about it and had to deal with a bunch of crap since last week. It's quite demoralizing. :P

Anyway, I ran into this bewildering problem that basically put a stop to all forward progress and I worked on it all day Friday and enlisted the help of two other people, but they weren't really able to fix it and I was in pretty low spirits this morning, but then I decided to just believe that the problem could be solved, and that I would be able to find out how to do it, and after some troubleshooting and ignoring some instructions in the documentation, I was able to fix it! :D

This really sounds like one of Zito's "positivity" things, which makes me feel vaguely nauseous.

Speaking of Zito, before I fixed that horrible problem, I searched for and found the ZITO GAY in a doorway and it cheered me up a lot! It was less than 100 feet from the first ZITO GAY. I will take a photo tomorrow. :)

I got an email this morning with a small photo in it and at first I thought it was some bukkake thing, but then I looked at the big version and it was actually Prince Fielder in the middle of champagne celebration.

Instead of being depressed by the 2 end zone interceptions that JT O'Sullivan threw, I'm encouraged. The 49ers were actually close enough to throw an interception in the end zone!!!

I'm cautiously excited to see the newest incarnation of the Sharks! I'm actually excited to watch every team. I'm toying with the idea of not getting Center Ice this season and just getting by on games on Versus and NHL Network. But how can I do without HNIC? Also, if Center Ice shows the Sharks games that won't be shown locally, that definitely seals the deal.

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