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Videogame slash!

I'm playing Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, which is a first person shooter, i.e. you run around and blow shit up, and you can be either a guy or a girl. So of course, I'm Alexandria Munro in the game. :) I just went to talk to Telsia, this member of my squad, and she was so coming on to me.

We're discussing the mission we just finished and she says in this sultry voice, "I was worried about you for a second there ..." and then we talk some more, and she starts, in this really uncertain (but still sultry) voice, "I was wondering ..." but fucking Neelix interrupts asking us if we want something to eat. *sigh* She ends the conversation with, "I have to take a shower now."

*dies* I wanted to respond, "Can I join you?" *grin*

Further proof that slash has completely taken over my mind.

*ahem* Aside from that, it's a really awesome game. I especially liked the Borg levels. :)

[Edit] Why is there Vulcan porn in my living quarters? Vulcan Love Slave 3 indeed. *weeps*

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