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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Yes, I'm still bitter

There's an article in Sporting News Today about how Marian thinks Red Wings fans are crazy, and I liked what Hudler said about fans stalking him while playing golf:
"It's awesome, we're just enjoying it," said forward Jiri Hudler. "But I hope they didn't take a picture of my swing. It's horrible."

I have a soft spot for the ESLs making jokes. :D

Unsettling 49ers win today. I'm not used to them... scoring touchdowns and stuff! And making consistent first downs! And consistent successful pass plays! I don't know what team this is. :P If it was Alex Smith as our QB I would be squealy and ecstatic, but the fact that this happened with JT O'Sullivan makes it bittersweet. It's kinda' silly. he's just one guy on a huge team after all, but I got attached to him. *sigh*

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heee. the rock star life of the red wings.

Fans climbing trees! I love the way Marian is like, OMG you people are crazy, but I respect your craziness.

What I love now is how a bunch of people are saying "OMG we should have drafted Rodgers". :P Dude. Think of how both teams handled these players, how they developed over the past few years. Rodgers could have EASILY been a bust with the Niners.

...It's really too bad that they couldn't keep Norv Turner.

Edited at 2008-09-22 02:54 pm (UTC)

*snort* Although that might have worked out since he would actually have been in a backup spot for a while as a 6th round pick or whatever he was.

Speaking of Rodgers, does he seem to you to be a bit of a stoner? :P

I am also bitter about Norv Turner leaving! I thought the team made a lot of progress under him. Now, even though I generally like the Chargers I hope they GO DOWN IN FLAMES.

I read this this morning, after reading your post last night:

This is Martz's team now

Maybe Alex would've had a chance if Nolan had done this sooner. :P

Well, Alex was doing good under Norv Turner.

Martz might not be here for much longer—he'll get a top job next season if things continue to go well and he'll get fired if things don't.

I would really like to keep the same offensive coordinator for more than one season. :P

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Awesome!!! Are you flying into SFO or Oakland?

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