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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Giants starting pitchers


tamiflu was in my dream last night! But I don't really remember much of it except that it was in a college setting and I didn't get to spend enough time with her. :(

I think Jenny is like... cursed such that the Giants will always lose games she goes to. We intentionally got tickets for next Wednesday because that should have been a Lincecum start (and really, he's the guy with the highest chance of getting a win on the team) but the Giants want to squish in an extra start for Timmy so they moved his start to Tuesday. :( :( :(

Even more depressing/upsetting, that means that we're going to a Zito start. I mean, technically, he could win... but he probably won't. Just to spite Jenny. :P Oh well, we got cheap club level tickets so at least we should get good food. Served to us in our seats! :D

It's just galling because we had planned to wait until the week before Timmy's next start before buying tickets but I saw these super cheap club level seats on Stubhub and that's the only section I haven't sat in yet, so we pounced. And got burned. :( And Jenny won't be able to make his start on the last day of the season because she'll be in Boston. Hmph.

During last week's game, they showed little clips of the Giants rookies (i.e. 3/4 of the team) in their hazing costumes. It seems somewhat unfair to me that some guys got to be Superman and Batman, while others were in dresses, makeup and wigs. I'm also traumatized by Sandoval kind of... prancing and preening for Vizquel to take photos of him and hearing that he didn't want to take his dress off. :(

I like Fringe so far! It has an X-Files feel to it, and I like the main characters, although between Dunham, Pacey and Denethor, the accents are totally fucking me up. I don't remember Pacey having such a strong/weird accent when he was on Dawson's Creek. I think the other two are bringing it out in him. I also really appreciate the classical music soundtrack. :)

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I couldn't watch Fringe on Tuesday. For some reason, even the suggestion of gore was a little much for me, and I ended up just taping the episode for later viewing.

I watched the rest of the ep last night, and the show's still not doing too much for me, but I'm going to give it another week. At that point I'll have to decide if I'm giving it up for The Mentalist, or if I'm going to download Fringe.

One thing that's bugging me is it seems to me that it's going to get really old if EVERYTHING they encounter can be traced back to Bishop's experiments in the 70s.

Oh, I've only watched the pilot, but I did like the 5 minute preview they showed of the second episode. I'm immune to TV/movie gore. But IRL if someone gets like a paper cut I'm like eeeeeeek!

I have two DVRs. :D

I wonder if that show will turn up here? I've read some quite good things about it.

I would think so! I think it's the kind of show that would translate well to an international audience.

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