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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Barry Zito

No decision = No Texan accent

At this point, Chip just calls him "Zitogay". That's his name now. :P I uploaded a post-game interview with him from last week because I wanted to umm, share the red toque, and I'm curious about what he said regarding LA and Arizona. Is it that he would have preferred to beat LA (haha) instead of Arizona so that LA wouldn't make the playoffs?

*ahem* Interview.
  1. I'm not a fan of the red toque.
  2. Can someone explain to me what he meant when he was talking about Arizona and "almost rather have LA (something)"?
  3. I would make some kind of comment about Zito getting to know Pablo Sandoval off the field except that it horrifies me in every way.
  4. I want to know about what was said at kangaroo court!
  5. The Texan accent isn't really there. I guess that's because it was a no decision, not a win.

Jenny and I are trying to decide whether we're going to the A's game tonight. She's afraid that it will be cold and foggy, hehe.

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I'll have to watch that when I get home (forgot to bring headphones to work today, oops), but the red toque is... it's kinda cute, but it doesn't work for him. *steals it from him*

And you should totally go to the game. I wish I could go with you. *laughs*

Edited at 2008-09-17 06:43 pm (UTC)

Jenny said she felt "cold and lazy" and I didn't fight real hard to change her mind. :P I think A's games will be a lot nicer next season, anyway.

It sounded to me like he said he'd almost rather "let LA go" because they've had such a good time in the games against Arizona. I think he meant that it almost doesn't bother him that LAD could make the playoffs as a direct result of what the Giants do against ARI? (There was a lot of talk last week on KNBR about how it was almost a shame the Giants were playing so well against Arizona, because every Giants win against ARI makes it more likely that LAD will go to the postseason.)

Oh, okay that makes sense. Hee, Haren should yell at him for saying that. :)

Aw, he beat LAD for him, but Danny's stupid team failed to capitalize.

Also go to the game! Huston might need your moral support :P

Sadly, Jenny was "lazy and cold" and I didn't really try very hard (or at all) to change her mind.

alas! You could have been 2-2 in the last couple of weeks with walkoffs ;)

I skimmed a recap of the game and it's kind of eerie how similar it was to the game we went to (beyond just the score). Walkoff win on a throwing error from the closer? So odd.

The entire time I'm just trying to figure out what songs are playing in the background!

Hee, I was trying to listen a bit too. I think there was a rap song?

"Just trying to communicate"?!

Such a girl, dude. Such a girl.

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