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Yeah, exciting baseball game is somewhat of an oxymoron

Went to watch SHARKS BABIES practice with tersa yesterday morning. The widdle goalies were the cutest because they would flip their masks up and SURPRISE! they're 10 years old. Then we went over to her place and played Rock Band until my arms fell off. I'm not even kidding, they were both sore last night and kept me awake briefly and I thought I did like nerve damage or something but they feel fine today.

Watched 90210 and a few episodes of Swingtown on the way there and back on the train. There is a very big disparity in acting ability on 90210 which leads to very jarring scenes because AnnaLynne McCord (who I think is great) always get paired up with chumps and they just look even more terrible next to her. Same with Dixon to some extent. Swingtown is surprisingly endearing. I think maybe I just like umm... period dramas or something. Or just dramas in settings I'm not familiar with, I guess. I'm sure there's a lot of anachronisms in there, though. I don't think the term "homemaker" was used back in the 70s(?)


My roommate was nice enough to scan in the photo with Timmy clutching two puppies. Click for full-sized version.

*flails* TIMMY got his first complete game last night (and and and it was a shutout too!) and it was the most exciting regular season game I've ever watched. He started the 9th inning with 118 pitches, which was even iffier than last week (the game that lastcatastrophe and I went to) and he put a couple of runners on base. I screamed "noooooooo" both times, which my roomie surely must have heard, but she's used to my strange sports-related outbursts by now. So there's runners on first and second, it's a 3-2 count and Timmy's at over 130 pitches and I'm hoping and wishing he can pull it off.

And the batter strikes out swinging! :D I screamed "yes!" and started crying, haha. Timmy seemed a little stunned and he kinda' said as much afterwards. From Lincecum wins to stay in the hunt:
When he blew his 138th and final pitch past Edgar Gonzalez into Bengie Molina's glove, Lincecum, for the first time all year, was lost on the mound.

"My first thought was, 'What do I do now?' " he said. "Bengie had to tell me to come toward him. It was a good hug, nonetheless."
LOL. "Good hug, A+++ would hug again."

In his post-game interview he admitted that he wanted the complete game really bad. Honesty is really endearing to me, so... I don't know. I probably got even weepier, heh.

lastcatastrophe and I were on TV again at a baseball game! And this time, we're even less recognizable than before! I picked us out from seating position and my BLINDING BLUE fleece. I think at that very moment I'm cuddling poor frozen Lira to warm her up.

Lira and Mae

It's really us! Oh, before I forget to share, Timmy was a QB in high school. Hee! *ahem* Anyway, that's my segue into football.


After finding out about Alex Smith's injury, I decided it was time to replace my 49ers icon. I like a lot of guys on the team, but I wanted to put my three favourites - Vernon Davis, Frank Gore and Patrick Willis - in it. I like them not just because they're good players, but I like their character too. Vernon Davis cried when he got drafted because it meant that he would be able to support his younger siblings. Frank Gore was really close to his mother and the game after she passed away he basically won the game singlehandedly. Patrick Willis had a rough childhood, basically was neglected by his parents and then adopted by his high school basketball coach, and his brother drowned a couple of years ago.

Anyway, two of those three guys scored touchdowns today in an OT 49ers win at Seattle. It was a bittersweet win because it came without Alex at QB and he'll never QB the team to a win again because he'll never (well, possibly down the line, but I doubt it) play for the 49ers again. Isaac Bruce had a really good game as well, and JT O' Sullivan was actually pretty good, but he just seems like such a chump to me.

Play of the game for me was Patrick Willis' interception and touchdown run. Boy has some moves! It was like watching a running back go with all his dodging and minor juking and stuff. He was a bit at a loss of words when interviewed after the game and just kinda' laughed about it in this very modest, warm way. ♥

Fun game overall. Gives me hope for the season! Optimistically, I think the 49ers could go 7-9!!! :)
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