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The Invincible M.A.E.

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That mysterious meme

1. There are 30 questions.
2. Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits.
3. Answer one question with one name.
4. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing this meme.

I will restrict this to LJ people (but exclude my sisters) because it's more fun that way. :)

  1. flanneryflyer
  2. eggpuff
  3. Nobody.
  4. tattermuffin
  5. redden6 and ayrdaomei, in totally awesome ways :)
  6. tamiflu
  7. redden6
  8. eggpuff. Uhh, because we did go to school together, haha. But otherwise, backcheck and crankygeek
  9. tamiflu and lastcatastrophe
  10. bkm5191 and lastcatastrophe, because they do :P
  11. EW. Oh wait, no, on friends list. Hmm... flanneryflyer, but not necessarily with people, with stuff, ideas, etc. too
  12. joolzie
  13. redden6
  14. flanneryflyer
  15. Err, kinky. early_afternoon and robi0688, OMG how much fun would that be???
  16. bkm5191
  17. crankygeek, in the best possible way
  18. frala is not the queen of smut for nothing!
  19. tersa
  20. dazedpuckbunny
  21. I don't know what these 2 mean, so I will go with the kinky interpretation (big surprise). early_afternoon, seriously can you not picture her in leather dominatrix gear shouting in German? ... maybe that's just me *coughs*
  22. frala
  23. Well, that would usually be me, heh. I'll go with tamiflu
  24. fetisha
  25. dazedpuckbunny
  26. There is no answer to this one that isn't awkward
  27. vivelegardien
  28. abby20, hehehehehehehehe
  30. ♥ ♥ ♥

After my roommate and I got the electric piano, I searched for a bunch of sheet music (good thing all those composers have been dead for years, free sheet music, woo!) for pieces to play. I also listened to a bunch of sonatas online to get a sense of which composers I like. Cos' frankly, even though I took piano (typoed that as pain to start, which is really not all that inaccurate...) lessons for 8 years, I hated it so much that pretty much the only thing I still recognize and like is Bach's 2 part inventions and Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum from Debussy's Children's Corner.

That led to getting interested in classical music in general and wanting to know more about the symphony and the various instruments and stuff. I've gone to see the San Francisco Symphony several times with eggpuff (Saint-Saens!!!) but I essentially just sat and listened in ignorance, hehe. I bought this set of CDs called Instruments of the Orchestra (Oh wow, it's $36 now, it was only $22 when I bought it a few months ago) and it's been really educational. It goes through every instrument and talks a little about the characteristics and history, and there'll be a short piece to illustrate what they're talking about. They play a wide range of music mostly from baroque to romantic, and it's a good way to discover composers.

Been listening to Dvorak's New World Symphony a lot, probably going to check out a couple of Stravinsky's works next. :)

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I drank TV commercial kool-aid a while ago and bought a Time-Life 2 CD-set called "Classical Thunder" that I really enjoy.

I'd be more than happy to share it with you if you want to listen. It's kind of a greatest hits album of stirring classical music pieces. :D

I've seen tons of commercials for that, ahahahaha! Maybe tomorrow. :D

Everyone has me for #7!! Is this the awesome one?? Or is the question, "Who is most likely to marry a dude with AMAZING EYEBROWS????"

I put you down for "last person you swapped spit with" which was totally on the extra questions floating around my head that weren't answered in my journal.

0_0 Alright sign me up, I shall do this meme.

And yay for sheet music! :)

Hee, where can I email it? Will your LJ address work?

There is so much out there I barely know where to start!

But I like girly clothing. :(

Also, I would really like to know how people get the dominatrix thing off me. Both in real life and over the internets. :(

We can dress you up in girly clothing too.

Well, IRL presumably they could just unzip you. *chortles*

Okay, I give, I want to do the super secret meme. Gimme. I use the power of Timmeh!puppydog eyes on you!

TIMMY! $&#)@$@)*#)$&@)&)#*$&

Hehe, sent. :D

OMG s type m type I geeeet it now :P and I'm getting better! :D

and hee I should have a queenly dress ;p


I don't actually know what it means, that's just my "creative interpretation", hehe.

It should be queenly and trashy at the same time, muahahaha!

lol, no fair! What if I just say I want to do the meme and you email me the questions and then...I don't do it but I get to know what question 5 is. Doesn't that sound like fun? I think so.

I figured the s-type/m-type was the something kinky interpretation, but I didn't want to answer it that way and be way off-base or something. *giggles*



Do you have the questions, BTW?

Try The Planets suite by Holst, Mars and Jupiter especially. For an American sound anything by Aaron Copland; Rodeo and Fanfare for the Common Man are pretty famous but I like Appalachian Spring as well.

Appalachian Spring!

If I ever lied about how I got engaged to make it more romantic I would say I got engaged with parts of that playing in the background. Alas we were siting in the living room watching Red Dwarf, or Blackadder or something.

Always with the old. Whatever, i was going to post a blog entry all about my awesome new work slippers anyway!

Hey, I like Dvorak's New World Symphony (has the CD) but can't seem to comprehend Stravinsky much (too modern for me?) The husband, who is tone-deaf, can somehow recognize Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring" though, from having had to memorize what things sound like like in Music 1 back in college. :D

I'd be up for going to the Symphony again one of these days! Probably not as often as we did with those season tix, but once or twice a year? would be nice.....

I liked 2 short things from The Soldier's Tale but haven't really heard the more famous Stravinsky stuff.

That would be fun! I'm not familiar with anything being performed this season except for Vivaldi's The Four Seasons so I'm up for anything!

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