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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Tim Lincecum

Explain, please

Umm, so. What's with the glasses?

(Hee, bracelet!)

I finally paid full attention to the Saga of Scott McClain. I have to admit, it made me a little weepy, a guy drafted in 1990 finally getting his first major league home run. I totally cracked up when everyone in the dugout intentionally ignored him, though, especially at Timmy who tried to look all serious at McClain, then had to turn away and giggle. :)

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He was on Murph and Mac the other day, talking about that! He sounds like a stand-up guy. He seemed to think Lincecum didn't know about the prank because Tim came up to him and high-fived him and gave him a hug. I guess Tim did know, but couldn't resist acknowledging what Scott'd done? Aw.

I rewatched the part of the game right after the home run, and Timmy was standing at the bottom of the stairs and when McClain came down, Timmy didn't say anything to him and just looked away and started grinning. It was only after some other dude (not one of the players) went to hug him that everyone caved.

I thought they were 3-D glasses at first!

They kinda' have that look to them! Oh, he is so goofy. ♥

Stop, STOP! I already have enough unclean thoughts! And it doesn't even seem to matter how retarded the pictures are!

That bracelet has Zito Gay written all over it. If he plays guitar, I quit.

Oh man, it is totally a Zito Gay thing. You know, I think Timmy is conspicuously absent from the Rock Band/video game crowd. Timmy has cooler things to do. Or something.

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