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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Tim Lincecum

He's like a Greek god

While looking through Facebook photo albums this morning, I was struck again by how common it is for Singaporeans to travel to other countries, vs. Americans who do it very rarely. There are albums full of trips to Bali, Malaysia, Malta, Dubai, Fiji, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, etc. It's not an issue of money, but... priorities, it seems? It seems that Americans would rather spend money on other things, and the various regions of the US are different enough that travelling within the country is enough.

I skimmed the article about Lincecum in the Giants magazine (because it's really too much - emotionally - to read all at once) and there was this bit where someone said that without his clothes on he looks like Brad Pitt from Troy and is built like a Greek god.


After recovering from a mixture of horror and amusement, I went back to check which lecherous teammate made that comment, but it was someone called "Sean" and I didn't know who that was. Then I worried that it might be one of the coaches or someone in management, but after reading earlier parts of the article, I realized that it's his older brother.

Yeah. And if you're part of our little "community", the word in your brain right now is "Lincest".

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the word in your brain right now is "Lincest".

Actually the word in my brain was "ew" :P Also, Beck posted a picture of Timmy and his 12-year-old/Zito-esque chest. Dude looks nothing like Brad Pitt in Troy with his shirt off. Methinks Brother is trying to spread mis-information and increase Tim's groupie haul, so he has a pick of better cast-offs when they go out together. Men.

Oh, I meant hockey fandom actually, haha. It's terrifying and enjoyable at the same time.

See, I saw one of him shirtless with sunglasses on (but apparently indoors? I... don't know) and he just looked like your typical skinny guy.

That is a good theory! And makes me feel a lot better. :P


Yeah, that's the pic I saw! And so I say, whatever, Sean.

I wonder if Timmy got a lot of grief from his teammates about the "Greek god" thing ahahahaha.

I guess you also have to consider how Singapore is a pretty small island. And it's central to a lot of great touristy spots, Bali and Malaysia and Thailand.

But then, what I love best about traveling is being in a totally different cultural environment than I'm used to. A lot of Americans seem unwilling to deal with that.

Even if I completely discount anywhere in Asia and Australia (which I did because going to Australia doesn't really count as travelling :P), there is still a whole lot of travelling going on.

I think most Americans are interested in travelling to other countries. Or say that they are. They just don't tend to do it much.

My Geography of Tourism tutorial actually discussed that question yesterday. I think it's that we have so many places to explore within our own continent that there is no need to fly 10 hrs to another place. Or it would be a Europe trip kind of thing because you wouldn't want to fly there just for a week and one country.

And apparently people here like... roadtrippin :\

Americans don't really seem to travel to Europe all that much either, though. I get a general sense of "Ooh, ahh" like it's a huge deal. There really is a lot of stuff to do and see in North America. :)

Yeaaaaah, I think gas prices are slowly killing that.

Oh, well NOW that word is in my head yes.

*GRIN* Not saying it's a bad word but yes now it IS there :)

that is a great word!

And yeah travel is something that you either seem to do or not do. NZ'ers are great travelers which is what happens when you are a million miles away from everything and your place is tiny.

Your place is not tiny! It's just kind of... empty, haha.

You have a Giants icon, you dirty teamslut! But it shows Timmy's crooked tooth, so I forgive you. If you write me some Lincest.


I'm actually kind of horrified with myself for writing him having sex at all. He should go to sleep at night cuddling a stuffed animal. In his pajamas.

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