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Timmy on my bed!

Happy birthday, rihani!!!

Changed my layout even though I like the old one because it cuts off the right side of photos. :( Also, I fixed the URL for the photo of me and my roomie, so if for some reason you wanted to see me and my roomie, umm... there ya go! :P

You know, I took MySpace photos of me and lastcatastrophe on Monday night, but really we both looked so terrible in all 4 of them that I didn't post. My MySpace photo skills are awful. :(

Anyway, bkm5191 asked and I took photos of Timmy (in the magazine) on my bed (hehehe!). littlestclouds, I'll ask my roommate to scan later!



Jonathan Sanchez, Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum holding umm... I think their 100th strikeout balls for the season just before the All-Star break?

Re: middle photo, like he doesn't look young enough ahahaha. And the one with Sanchez. ♥ both of them!!!

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