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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Had no idea the lack of smut was going to hurt them this much. Oh well, tough love, boys.

*weeps silently*

I'm happy with almost all of the other game outcomes tonight, though.

Finished reading Tammy's LOSD. Was crying with the goodness at the end. *rolls around in Arkora love* Just in time for tomorrow's game. *giggle*

Crap, I'm still depressed. *punts Sharks* I need to go cheer myself up somehow.

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*sigh* and me writing fic for them is a huge junx :(

Eep! No, they just need to ... not suck anymore. *weeps*


*pets Mae*

*whispers* elevator smut... elevator smut

You got to see the lesbian fight though... did that help???

*hugs* Thank you. :)

But ... tough love. *sigh*

The lesbian fight was awesome! I archived it, and his interview, for posterity. *beams*

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