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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Baseball quote

Dodgers VP Charles Steinberg:
The game, in its perfection, includes errors. The inhuman elements of baseball are perfect. Natural grass, real dirt, naturally occurring limestone, wood bats, yarn-and-hide balls, mud from the New Jersey side of the Delaware River. It's the human element--always imperfect yet always striving for perfection, albeit futilely, that is its tug.

It was part of his response to a question about instant replay, but I liked it independent of the context.

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that is a gorgeous quote.

Strange that he decided to wax poetic when being asked kind of a... clinical question, but cool. :)

Have you been to Dodger stadium yet? The most beautiful stadium in the world??

Noooooo I hear that it's scary!

That's a good quote, and I agree with it. I also think that instant replay at least on home runs is a good thing, if for no other reason than it will protect any umpires I might want to kill in the future.

I caught the last two innings Lincecum threw and so wanted to babble about it with you! That final K, holy shit, he's got balls of titanium, and that is a weird thing in a 12 year old.


That's a pretty interesting line out of context, too. :P

As long as it doesn't take too long and it's limited to home runs then I think it's okay.

Eee, I haven't watched it yet! Did he do the thing where something makes him mad and he decides he's going to strike everyone in the world out? Ilovehimsomuch. *shamefaced*


Because it's expected of me....




Quote = verb

Baby Jesus = :'''''(

Re: Because it's expected of me....

Fine for informal usage. :P

The baby Jesus has a lot of noses.

Re: Because it's expected of me....

But that is another word! That means something different! You can't informally swap words that mean something different! ASKDJFK! Ahem... I'm okay now, really.

The baby jesus was crying. But from now on all smileys are the baby jesus to me. :P That cheeky jesus....

Re: Because it's expected of me....

Does that make this :O BJ baby Jesus?

Re: Because it's expected of me....

Little-known fact, baby jesus loved the cock.

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