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No more smut

Umm, not like no more smut ever. More like, no more smut to help the Sharks. They're kind of at the point where they have to help themselves. *sniffle* Good luck, boys.

*sigh* I think I need to go to Dungeon Master school. (My, that sounds kinky) There's so many rules in D&D 3E, especially the combat stuff, and I'm not really familiar with all of them. I'm also kind of a "yeah, whatever" kind of person, whereas Chip and Alex pay a little more attention. Then again, maybe I'm taking stuff too seriously. I'll give it another try tomorrow.

But not during Stars/Ducklings. *dies* Please let there be oodles and oodles of Arkora love.

Chip came up with the idea of a hockey D20 RPG. *sigh* Base classes would be the various positions, with enforcer, agitator, finesse player and insane goalie prestige classes. God, would it be boring, but at least the fights would be exciting. ;)
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