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Olympic heaven

I've had a high priority project at work I've been spending a lot of time on, so I've only had time to follow my favourite Olympic sports: diving and volleyball. They totally didn't disappoint last night! It's down to the last dive of the 10m platform final and this little 15-year-old Chinese girl pretty much has to nail her dive to win gold, and there's a Canadian girl in the lead at that point and it would spoil China's perfect run of 6 golds in 6 diving events so far if the Chinese girl doesn't win gold.

So she's got all this pressure on her, the place is packed with Chinese fans and she makes an almost perfect dive. Gets 4 10s and 3 9.5s and wins the gold. :D

The Team USA men are playing for volleyball gold too! :D It's USA vs Brazil in both men's and women's volleyball gold medal games. The boys made it exciting, though, after going up 2-0 they lost the next 2 sets and won the final set 15-13. I kind of want to squish David Lee and give him milk and cookies.

I also wanted to squish Logan Tom. Watched USA vs Cuba yesterday and she was so good. I was sad when she deicded to go into beach volleyball after Athens, but she's back with indoor now and she's improved her skill set. Like she used to be mostly this awesome hitter but now her blocks are good too and she even makes some good sets. I was amazed by this back set she made in one of the matches. Logan Tom. Making back sets. *siiiiiiigh* :)

*ahem* Anyway, both matches will be very tough - tougher for the US women than men - but there's definitely a chance to win. Man. I'm going to have watch both games without being spoiled first. But guaranteed medals. So proud. :)

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