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The Invincible M.A.E.

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girlcrush, Logan Tom

Volleyball action! *wink*

I like how the Chinese divers bow to the crowd after they get out of the pool. So polite. And I respect Colwill's "blaze of glory" dive where he put a 3.9 dive in for his final one because he had nothing to lose. He got 6s, but it was cool to see him try. :)

Volleyball! I've gotten a bit more into the men's game this Olympics, mostly because Team USA is much more likeable this time around and Brazil has an amazing libero. They also have this bizarre celebration after they win matches where they cross their arms over their chests and make flicking motions with their fingers. They're either flashing gang signs or pretending to be butterflies.

Team USA was really annoying to me in 2004. The captain was called Lloy Ball and I get very irritated when people drop the last letter from names. Like Cla Meredith. If it's pronounced as "Clay" why not put the Y in? Cla is not "Clay", Cla is "Clah". *ahem* But aside from annoying names, they were just not a very cohesive team, it seemed like. They're much more together now, and even though Lloy Ball is still missing a D in his name, he's a pretty good setter.

I may have had slashy thoughts about Riley Salmon with half of the team. :( :( :( (Umm, but not all at the same time.)

The Team USA women beat Italy to make it to the medal round! :D I haven't watched the game yet, but I'm excited and proud. I think they've gotten a lot better since putting Ogonna Nnamani (go Stanford) in, but that might just be developing chemistry as all the teams seem to have improved along the way. Unfortunately next they face Cuba who swept them in the preliminary round so the odds are against them, but hopefully they'll at least put on a good show.

China is also in the medal round! I love how when they score a point, instead of group hugging like everyone else the person who got the kill runs a little victory lap and high fives everyone. They face Brazil next, and I think Brazil is the best team so they'll most likely win, but China definitely has a good chance to upset them. I will be sad if both USA and China get knocked out, which seems likely. :( But the good news is that at least one of them will medal.

*squeaks* I just checked the scores and the USA men beat Serbia to make it to the medal round. :D I think they have a pretty good chance to get a silver medal.

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Men's volleyball last night, the team from the country of Georgia's names were: Geor and Gia. Not even kidding. I couldn't believe it.

Found out later that they are Brazilian players that play for Georgia and those are their nicknames. What a disappointment.

Those Brazilians and their wacky nicknames!

I think that we can beat Cuba, but I don't think China can make it past Brazil. :P We'll see, we'll see...

Brazil is a stronger team, but perhaps China will play better if they don't have a lead to blow. :P

It would be pretty amazing if USA wins. :)

When I was watching the weightlifting the Korean and CHinese women would bow really well, the Samoan lady sort of tried gamely, but she found it hard to remember. It was awesome.

It's just a stupid name! Stupid! Stupid!

Salmon is a big ol' whore. Also, I looooooove the Chinese women's volleyball team; Kun Feng's sets make me swoon a litte and they have this new young power hitter who's kinda inconsistent but I can't help really liking her. :D

He does seem that way. *swoons*

Dude, they are so much fun! But just kind of young and nervous and pressured or something? Because they totally could have beaten Cuba and Russia in the preliminary round and were doing quite well against Brazil. Ahh, well.

WANG YIMEI!!! I felt so bad for her because the announcers kept making comments about her "fitness level".

Oh Yimei bb, I love her but she does seem to get out of breath after long rallies. Still, if she can work on that, she'll be one of the best. ♥

It was just kind of awkward because it seemed like they were trying to avoid saying SHE'S FATFATFAT!!!


I had forgotten about Lloy Ball until just now (haven't seen much volleyball this time around, d'oh!). But the name Cla Meredith has always, always bugged me.

What happened to the Y??? Why do people do this to their children?

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