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What started it all ...

As some of you know, I have a horrible memory. All I remember of Enigma by Peter Milligan (illustrated by Duncan Fegredo) was that it's the first comic book series I really fell in love with, and it blew me away.

What I don't remember is how much it influenced me, in terms of my tastes in movies, television and books. I read this thing 9 years ago and it made me fall in love with comics as a medium.

When I read books, it tends to involve the intellectual (snort) part of my mind, and even though I can be moved by it, it's emotional on a different level from those moments you get when you watch a movie or television show. Like when I see a character kill himself, or when there's a really beautiful image. I don't think about it, I don't process it, it just hits me and right then and there. But at the same time I don't really think until after the moment passes. I can reflect on it later and mull over it, but there really isn't any thought going on at that very moment I see it.

So comics are cool because they marry both of those things. I'm reading, so I'm thinking, actively involving myself in the story, putting the pieces together, and at the same time there are these images, sometimes shocking, sometimes beautiful, sometimes powerful, that just hit me in this very pure and raw way. The combined effect surpasses anything I've experienced from reading a book, or watching a movie or television show

Thinking back, I realized that there were so many positive gay characters in the comics I read, and that almost certainly pre-disposed me to slash, and that's one of the things I'm happy about.

Oh, and here's the beginning of Enigma:

You could say it all started in Arizona. Twenty-five years ago. On a farm.

It was an ordinary sort of farm in Arizona.

The kind of place where you'd have sexual relations with your parents and end up shooting someone.

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