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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Alyn McCauley update

From mystery_leaf, an update on the boy who used to love playing the Stars.

Former NHLer McCauley joins Queen's University staff

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Aw, Alyn! I can't believe he's retired.

Aw. that must be terrible when your body starts to go and you know it. :( He knew for three years.

Yeah, and especially being that young. :\ I think he definitely has some good highlights in his career to look back on, though, and most players don't even get those.


He's is just such a great guy.

He is! I can see him becoming a successful coach or analyst. :)

*bursts into tears* Just thinking about that Alyn, Nils and Korky line makes me kind of weepy. It's weird to think that none of them are still in the NHL.

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