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The Invincible M.A.E.

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girlcrush, Logan Tom

Hanyu Pinyin = China's revenge

I have a couple of coupons for $1.50 off of any order from Sheet Music Plus that I'm not going to use, so if you're interested, leave a comment. They're valid until the end of September.

[Edit: BTW is anyone joining that MLB Insiders Club thing?]

Life is boring, but in a good way. I've been working, watching Olympic volleyball and diving and enjoying it. There was an amazing game where China was up 2 games to nothing (best of 5) on Cuba and had match point in Game 3 but lost, then had like 7 game points in Game 4 but lost that too and Cuba came back to win it. I really like the way the Chinese women's team looks, though. But still hoping that Team USA will medal. :)

I'm really fascinated that one of the American announcers of the game can pronounce Zhou correctly! I didn't think it was one of those consonants that people can make unless their language has it. I thought he might actually be saying "Joe", but after listening to it a few more times, I think he's saying it right. I feel sorry for all the poor announcers who have to deal with the Romanized spelling of Chinese names, haha. Xue? Qun? Yu? No chance to pronounce those even close to right from reading them. :P

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Oh my god, I'm Chinese (well, Canto) and even I don't know how to pronounce "Xue"

Haha, well it's like saying ice/snow in Cantonese, but ending it with "yeah" instead of the T sound.

The CBC announcers have struggled with a few of the names this Olympiad but the worst ones for them seem to be the Eastern European names. It's almost like they focused so hard on learning the Chinese names so they wouldn't embarrass themselves that they forgot about the countries with a million consonants!

(Oh and as a disclaimer, I don't necessarily know that they're pronouncing all the Chinese names correctly but they're at least not stumbling over them like they are with some of the 17-letters-but-only-two-vowel ones from Eastern Europe!)

You'd think after all the Slavic players in the NHL they'd be a bit more familiar with those names.

There's not really all that much to stumble over given that full Chinese names are generally 2-3 syllables. :P

Ahh, but these aren't hockey announcers! Though I shudder at the thought of Don Cherry attempting to pronounce them... :X

Hee not so much that they stumble over the vast numbers of consonants, more that the letters Q, X, and Z rarely show up all in the same name in North America! ;) They're doing pretty good so far, though.

But don't they watch hockey? HOW CAN THEY BE CANADIAN AND NOT WATCH HOCKEY??? :P

Then it probably helps that Q, X and Z in Chinese are pronounced nothing like what they are in English, muahaha!

About the Chinese women's volleyball team... is it just me or is their outside hitter ("Wang") kinda... large? She looks twice the size of Logan Tom, lol.

She's pretty massive! She's 6'3" but I concur that she is two Logan Toms. She was crazy good in the game against Cuba, her kills were totally unstoppable.

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