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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Went hiking with lastcatastrophe and her dog yesterday at Sunol. The trail went right by some cows, not fenced off or anything. The dog barked at the cows and one of them stood up menacingly and glared at us. It was somewhat unnerving. So was the Goth/emo cow that looked like it was wearing black eyeliner.


My camera has this "photo stitch" function that automatically joins a bunch of photos together. Click on photo for the BIG version.


Lira's doggie!

MySpace picture #1
MySpace picture #1

I blame Cindy and SDQ for the whole MySpace picture thing.

MySpace picture #2
MySpace picture #2

Serious AND pink-cheeked.

Fierce cow and emo cow
Fierce cow and emo cow

Fierce cow is in the middle. It's amazing how menacing they look when they stand up quickly. Emo cow looked very spooky when it was away from the herd.

Model cow
Model cow

Stopped and looked right at me until I took the photo then turned away to drink water.

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I love taking pics like that!! haha even when someone is arond to take a pic I take them that way more often than not

Only out of necessity. I look bad enough in photos as it is. :P

1. Don't blame us! Our myspace photos sucked anyway. Like, a lot.

2. I love that your cows are intimidating.

3. You and Lira are adorable. Please adopt me.

It is all your fault because you took 44320802072 of them!

Apparently cows can sort of defend themselves! By standing up suddenly and glaring! *gulp*


Re: myspace photos - what SDQ says!

Seriously, you guys are adorable. I heart you two best. :D

Oh, that hike is gorgeous. The dog is rediculously cute as are you two, and, well, death by cow. What else is there to say?

All the photos on the website are all green and lush but it only looks like that when it rains, which is like... for one month of the year. :P Ellis is a sweetie. :)

neat photos!!!
and cute gals!!!

i like the panoramic pic. :) looks like you're really going through the east bay hikes! i've been hiking at sunol before; i wonder if we went to the same place? i saw some cows in the distance that time, but they were very far away and very unmenacing.

New camera so I have to test out all the functions, hehe! That was 5 photos joined together. I actually took 6 but didn't overlap the last one enough.

Yeah, it's just the trail that we took that went right past the cows. I've never been that close to a cow (without some sort of barrier). They look really slow and stupid from far away, but up close when they're all glaring at you, it can be a little disconcerting.

Yes, I was really close to a cow at a hike in Point Reyes. There were many of them grazing around, and one of them was right on the trail. I was scared enough to make a big circle around her. Eek.

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