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The Invincible M.A.E.

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girlcrush, Logan Tom

The return of Logan Tom

The only 2 summer Olympic sports I watch are indoor volleyball and diving. For whatever reason, I just really enjoyed volleyball during the 2004 Olympics and became a fan of Logan Tom (in my icon) and even more so after finding out that she went to Stanford. It's really bizarre to find out that indoor volleyball is huge in countries like Italy and... Poland. I'm a bit disappointed with the level of play so far, but it's just the start and I expect everyone will pick it up as it goes on.

Spent most of yesterday with Alex, Tessa and the baby and took 43207580374 photos of the baby to test out all the functions of my new camera. I'm really pleased with it in every way! It's a Canon SD1100IS (brown) and it's tiny and pretty and metallic and stuff.

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Your icon wants to make me start watching volleyball... haha.

nAW!! That is such a CUTE! picture!

heee very cute.

misty was in my people magazine this week.

I'm not too big of a fan of beach volleyball. With only 2 people, there is not as much strategerie involved. :P

Ha ha, I saw Logan Tom on my TV and I thought immediately of you. "It's Mae's volleyball player!"

She's pretty awesome even if she does have long hair now. :)


also, I'm coming back to the Bay Area from September 20-26!!

It's probably a good thing I don't or I would be completely incapacitated.

YAY!!! We must do things together!!! :)

You can take me hiking and then I'll die. :D

Muahahaha we will go on an urban hike from North Beach to Ocean Beach!

(And then take the bus home.)

That sounds good, actually, haha. I much prefer urban hiking to, uh, rock hiking.

I watched a few minutes of volleyball here and there too. It's my first time watching Logan Tom but I like her. :) Beach volleyball also fun to watch. It looks so difficult! And then they showed this clip of Bush bumping balls with the beach volleyball players... uh... guess he really doesn't have much to do these days.

That is a really disturbing image. :(

Beach volleyball has less strategy though. I like watching all of the crazy digs and tricky sets and fake spikes in indoor volleyball. :)

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