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The Invincible M.A.E.

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So that's what Vinny Lecavalier would look like as a lesbian!

Went hiking with eggpuff at the Monte Bello and Rancho San Antonio open space preserves today. It was awesome! It was a 10 mile hike but we started near the top so we went up about 400 feet and then down uhh... 1600 feet? I'm not sure how far. eggpuff brought these awesome trekker poles and they made it much easier to hike up and down. Now I want to get some too for steep hikes!

We had really great views of the ocean and of the bay and Silicon Valley and we could see the Shark Tank! And Mission Peak, which is on the other side of the bay and where I went with lastcatastrophe (and her dog) a couple of weeks ago! :) There were large stretches without shade, so even though I put sunblock on today, I somehow managed to get darker. :P I think I also got kind of dehydrated. I need to bring more than 24 oz of water next time. And probably some Gatorade-type thing too for the electrolytes.

I went to dinner at Burgermeister with Roz for dinner and the Giants game was on and when I saw that Zito had pitched 7 scoreless innings and was still in the 8th I screamed, OH MY GOD!!! at the TV. But then someone working there was walking past the TV at that moment, and he was like, "What?" and I was explaining to him and going ZITO! and 7TH INNING! and NO RUNS! and he was looking at me with an odd mix of hostility and confusion and my roommate finally pointed to the TV and was like, umm, the game and he went away. :P

(On the train down to the South Bay today I read a sports magazine that said Lincecum should win the Cy Young and I teared up. Seriously.)

[Edit: Also, finally PROOF! that Lincecum is part Asian! His mother's father is Filipino. (He called him Grandpa Asis, his grandfather's last name. He couldn't spell his first name.) Dude, mystery_leaf, you paying attention? :P

It's been driving me nuts since he was a baby last season. I kept raving about him looking Asian but nobody else seemed to notice. Cos' he totally has that prominent canine thing which is common among Japanese people and some Chinese but maybe just Asians in general.]

I was watching In Plain Sight and they used this really great song for a sex scene that I liked so much I barely noticed the scene cos' I was too busy listening to the music. I just loved the singer's voice. :) So I went and googled the lyrics and found out it's Come Over Here by Sarah Bettens. I went to look for a music video on YouTube and after I saw her in concert I thought OMG SHE'S TOTALLY A LESBIAN WHO LOOKS LIKE VINNY LECAVALIER!!!

And she is! (A lesbian, that is.) As for the other thing...

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yes haha sorry, I like to say something about one part of a long post and not say what part im saying it about? ;p

You are all mysterious and stuff!

Yeah, it's been a long time since I've heard a song that I liked that much when I first heard it.

she looks like a slightly less feminine version of the (male) singer of the all american rejects.

also I have to vent. A drabble is a one hundred words and the hurt comfort thing that was posted to 2mins is terrible. and has no point.

Ahaha yes. I really like the All-American Rejects. :)

Yeaaaaaah, somebody was unclear on the concept there. But the stuff that really bugs me is when people write 10-part drabbles. :P

I was watching tennis and keeping an eye on the ESPN scroller for Barry's Terrible Fourth Inning. It didn't show! I counted that as a win, but to check up on the game after the dinner guest left and see EIGHT INNINGS?! Very nice.

Also, finally PROOF! that Lincecum is part Asian!

Thank God, I was wondering if my eye had gone bad. He didn't always look Asian to me, but then sometimes, at the right angle ... yes.

After the 8th, they showed Zito in the dugout he looked really worried that Brian Wilson was going to blow the save, haha.

See, I've always thought that he looks Asian like... all the time! Or if not that, maybe that he was part Native American or Inuit or something because for some reason people usually just call themselves white if they're part Indian. :P

Gotta agree about Bettens...

With her current blonde hair she doesn't look like Vinny anymore, though. :(

Well, damn. I've been drooling after Vinny for half a week... The timings are scary... I think of this or read about that and boom. Someone talks about it.

Dude, mystery_leaf, you paying attention? :P

Yes! I heard about that once and didn't know if it was true. He's one of my people! :D Also, YAY Zito!

(Sorry I haven't been here in a while. There's a weird semi-infatuation thing going on taking up all my time and brain power. I'll write about it soon.)

I just wanted to check if you were reading LJ or not, otherwise I would have posted a comment to your LJ. This information is too important for you not to get it, hahaha!

Also, that's always fun. :)

Also, finally PROOF! that Lincecum is part Asian!

**laughs** Validation, yay! I am glad you finally got your question answered. I felt the same way when I read the first article on Wentworth Miller (Prison Break actor) to actually reference the fact that he is part Black.

It's been over a year! Weird thing is my roommate thought he looked Latino, and I was like what? Ridiculous! Which is probably what most people thought of my "Lincecum is part Asian" assertion. :P

You know, I remember thinking the same thing about him! But I don't watch the show so it didn't drive me nuts like Lincecum did.

HOLY CRAB. It's Vinny as a lesbian! That is so amazing.

At first I was like, wow, she really looks like someone! But I couldn't remember, and I was trying to narrow it down, hmm... it's... it's... it's a French Canadian! Yeah! OMG IT'S VINNY!!!!!!

Clearly Vinny has an alter ego in which he masquerades as a lesbian singer. Thus rumors of his girlfriends when he is posing as a straight man. When in reality, all the boys and girls end up Brad, the groupie. :D

All of that is pretty dizzying.

Oh, I really enjoyed the hike, though it took me two days and a nice bath (just now, hee hee) to get over the soreness! I'm excited about doing more hiking already. :D We can do another Marin one next time--have you done Matt Davis/Steep Ravine in Mt. Tam? It's a pretty cool hike where we can eat lunch halfway at a real restaurant (http://www.parksidecafe.com) and involves a ladder (http://www.bahiker.com/pictures/northbay/stinsonbeach/021705/websize/065ladder.jpg) too!

I think I've been on a hike there that involved the ladder! It's on the way back up from Stinson beach to Mount Tam, right? I remember being very excited about the ladder, hehe! Let's do it! :D

Also, I looked up weekend day games and this is what's left on the schedule for the rest of the season: 8/23, 8/24, 9/7 and 9/28.

Edited at 2008-08-05 07:28 pm (UTC)

How about 9/7? A wants to come along too. :) Bleachers, right? I've never been, hee hee.

There's a freebie that day--retro lunch box! I'll get tickets that are close to the field. It'll probably be warm in SF by then (hopefully) so should be a nice day.

Mind if I ask my roommate to come along?

Of course not! Maybe we'll practice our Japanese, lol.

Hee! So I found tickets in section 140 row 3 for $16 each (after fees). How's that sound? Here's the seating chart.

Sounds good. That's pretty cheap! It shows up as $27 on the website... will bring loads of cash for food! :)

Yeah, at the end of the season everyone gives up on the team so you can get cheap tickets. :P I used to get them through Craigslist but now I just use StubHub, which is more expensive but less hassle.

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