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So that's what Vinny Lecavalier would look like as a lesbian!

Went hiking with eggpuff at the Monte Bello and Rancho San Antonio open space preserves today. It was awesome! It was a 10 mile hike but we started near the top so we went up about 400 feet and then down uhh... 1600 feet? I'm not sure how far. eggpuff brought these awesome trekker poles and they made it much easier to hike up and down. Now I want to get some too for steep hikes!

We had really great views of the ocean and of the bay and Silicon Valley and we could see the Shark Tank! And Mission Peak, which is on the other side of the bay and where I went with lastcatastrophe (and her dog) a couple of weeks ago! :) There were large stretches without shade, so even though I put sunblock on today, I somehow managed to get darker. :P I think I also got kind of dehydrated. I need to bring more than 24 oz of water next time. And probably some Gatorade-type thing too for the electrolytes.

I went to dinner at Burgermeister with Roz for dinner and the Giants game was on and when I saw that Zito had pitched 7 scoreless innings and was still in the 8th I screamed, OH MY GOD!!! at the TV. But then someone working there was walking past the TV at that moment, and he was like, "What?" and I was explaining to him and going ZITO! and 7TH INNING! and NO RUNS! and he was looking at me with an odd mix of hostility and confusion and my roommate finally pointed to the TV and was like, umm, the game and he went away. :P

(On the train down to the South Bay today I read a sports magazine that said Lincecum should win the Cy Young and I teared up. Seriously.)

[Edit: Also, finally PROOF! that Lincecum is part Asian! His mother's father is Filipino. (He called him Grandpa Asis, his grandfather's last name. He couldn't spell his first name.) Dude, mystery_leaf, you paying attention? :P

It's been driving me nuts since he was a baby last season. I kept raving about him looking Asian but nobody else seemed to notice. Cos' he totally has that prominent canine thing which is common among Japanese people and some Chinese but maybe just Asians in general.]

I was watching In Plain Sight and they used this really great song for a sex scene that I liked so much I barely noticed the scene cos' I was too busy listening to the music. I just loved the singer's voice. :) So I went and googled the lyrics and found out it's Come Over Here by Sarah Bettens. I went to look for a music video on YouTube and after I saw her in concert I thought OMG SHE'S TOTALLY A LESBIAN WHO LOOKS LIKE VINNY LECAVALIER!!!

And she is! (A lesbian, that is.) As for the other thing...

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