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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Cheese Sandwich, Mikael Renberg

I failed my team

Yeah, I did. By writing poor smut that was way too short. Sorry guys. Try working on your PK instead.

Thanks to Neo for this link:
Maple Leafs talking about other hockey players' butts.

That makes me happy ... and sad at the same time, but CS kind of always has that effect on me. He needs some tender smut, I think. But not from me - I can't do tender. ;)

Umm, even though our PK sucked ass last night and we lost the game, I uhh, *peers around* don't think we played that badly. *shamefaced* Maybe I just have lowered expectations. Oh and our cameramen are gay. It's awesome. Linger on Arnie all you want.

Had a fucked up dream where Todd Bertuzzi was ... playing football. *sighs deeply*

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LOL CS does need some tlc *snuggles*

OMG that article keg arsed CS *dies laughing* ohhh and Darcy Tucker is a big bum guy trapped in a small bum body *laughs so hard I fall off my chair*

*wipes eyes* thanks mae :D

Aww todd dream *g* was he naked *scampers*

*giggle* That article is so awesome! CS is so awesome! *weeps*

Dude!!! Naked!Bert *thud* I wish I'd dreamed about that. But no ... he had to go and play football. I don't even fucking watch football!!!

it is so awesome and yes so is hee *weeps with you*

*thuds as well* *ggg* damn football!!

Mae!!! You just made my life complete. That was the funniest thing I've ever read in my entire life. Hilarious!

My favorite part is Darcy saying how maybe Bryan can teach him how to use his ass. LOL! That was so great.

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