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I guess he was due

Ugh, every time he seems to be out of it, Fourth Inning Zito shows up. I feel bad for him. But I did have fun at the game! It was good meeting rihani and arami. Man, I've known arami for 6 years and finally met her. Craziness! We all wandered about the Giants store and it's pretty much cleaned out of every single Lincecum T-shirt! Everyone loves Timmy. :)

We started out in the bleachers, then moved up to the upper deck (before Zito got yanked, hehe) so that they could get the view of the bay. I am awed by the beauty of the park every time I go. Also, I finally had the crab sandwich and it's crazy good.

Game summary:


fucked over by the offense, aka if Matt Cain wants a win, he'd better fucking pitch a shutout
fucked over by the bullpen, aka if Tim Hudson wants a win, he'd better fucking pitch a complete game
I'm Barry Zito, so I'm just going to fuck myself over

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