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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Barry Zito

I guess he was due

Ugh, every time he seems to be out of it, Fourth Inning Zito shows up. I feel bad for him. But I did have fun at the game! It was good meeting rihani and arami. Man, I've known arami for 6 years and finally met her. Craziness! We all wandered about the Giants store and it's pretty much cleaned out of every single Lincecum T-shirt! Everyone loves Timmy. :)

We started out in the bleachers, then moved up to the upper deck (before Zito got yanked, hehe) so that they could get the view of the bay. I am awed by the beauty of the park every time I go. Also, I finally had the crab sandwich and it's crazy good.

Game summary:


fucked over by the offense, aka if Matt Cain wants a win, he'd better fucking pitch a shutout
fucked over by the bullpen, aka if Tim Hudson wants a win, he'd better fucking pitch a complete game
I'm Barry Zito, so I'm just going to fuck myself over

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GRAPHS!! ♥♥♥


I am so in love with these charts. I'm going crazy with these puppies when hockey season starts!

I want charts for everything in my life now.

They are strangely applicable to everything!

your charts are cracking me up! haha

*giggle* They're crazy fun to make!

it reminds me of a website I saw where people make charts but they all have to do with pop songs and things.

i look forward to the hockey season charts!

See, I know this is wrong, but I take this sort of perverse pleasure in watching Zito suffer. He does it well.

Worst contract in baseball right now. (Well, he and Mike Hampton. They're neck and neck.)

What's crazy is that there was another offer on the table for more money than what he got.

I missed his start, but caught a pitching line scrolling across the screen and thought, "Oh. That looks like Zito's because it is terrible."

It was. :(

Love your charts 'n graphs.

The thing is, he was really good the first three innings! Kept his pitch count low (for him) and everything!

I feel almost bad at home much this post made me giggle.


It was SO GOOD to see you yesterday!! :)

He's an entertaining man. :P

it was good meeting you guys! Thanks for stopping on your drive back. :D

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