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Baseball fever

I'm going to the Giants game tonight with lastcatastrophe and to the one tomorrow afternoon with rihani and arami, who will be on their way back to Seattle from Comic-Con.

So Zito had a quality start the past week and the Giants announcers were like, well... he wasn't awesome, but at least he didn't suck ass. If he can do that for the next 6 years everyone will be happy. Then Amy G. (argh, so pretentious, what's wrong with Gutierrez?) interviewed him after the game, and he was... umm...

Okay, see this is why if I saw him on the street I would avoid him for fear of being spare changed.

I feel very ambivalent towards Zito, and I think a lot of you guys have said you feel the same way. It would be so much easier if he was purely a stupid idiot and I could point and laugh, but then he does shit like open a couple of kids' ballfields in Stockton and it's like... dude, I can't point and laugh at him without feeling a little guilty!

It's not just that he helped fund the thing, but after a night game he got up at the ass crack of dawn to drive out there (Stockton is way out in boonieville). And then he talked about how he was kinda' po' as a kid and Little League was an escape for him and it all makes me want to throw up! Why can't he just be awful (in all respects?) :P

[Edit: Matt Cain got a complete game shutout on Thursday, so before the Giants game last night, they showed a graphic of the last few complete game shutouts at AT&T Park and Lowry had the two previous ones. *sniffle*]

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