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The Invincible M.A.E.

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  1. Does anyone watch Charlie Jade? *crickets* *tumbleweed* Is it worth watching?

  2. I watched Rise: Blood Hunter (hahaha) last night, the vampire movie with Lucy Liu in it. It was actually surprisingly good in terms of visuals and just having a good cast, but overall the plot was pretty boring.

    Anyway, there's a scene where one of the female vampires seduces a sailor in a club, and and and the sailor is... Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights. In full sailor gear. He looked like a Japanese schoolgirl. *siiiiigh* :)

  3. I also watched the episode of 30 Days on animal rights. I wasn't really surprised by anything because I already knew about all the horrible conditions on factory farms (de-beaking chickens, cows developing sores on their udders, and also cows being force fed corn and developing ulcers because they can't digest corn all that well and being pumped full of antibiotics to deal with the problem), and I knew about calves being stuck in boxes where they can't move, but I would still eat veal like... once every 6 months or so. After actually seeing it though, I think that's it for me.

    I have no problems with killing animals for food, but not under those conditions. I don't eat chicken all that much, and stick to organic chicken whenever I do. I only buy beef from naturally raised cows and try to get that at restaurants (kind of lucky that it's widely available in the Bay Area). As far as dairy goes, I already buy organic or hormone-free milk, but I'll probably switch to cage-free eggs from now on. This is mostly out of concern for my own health, rather than concern for the chickens. :P

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RISE!!! Hehehehe that needed a better rape scene tbh, and moar James D'arcy but I agree with you completely.

And yesss! I mean even if it's not out of concern for animals welfare, the unhealthy conditions pass on horrible things to humans. Ultimately that's what's important.

Also NICK LACHEY!!!!!!! I died laughing when I saw him in Rise and could not stop til the end of the film.

I watched it on the SciFi channel, so everything was censored, but I think I could do without it.

I would like to see the idea of eating less meat being promoted. I don't think anybody really listens to the hardcore vegetarians and vegans. Getting someone to cut out meat completely is a hard sell, but getting people to either cut down on meat portions, or omit them a couple of meals a week is a lot easier to accept and would probably have a greater impact if a lot of people do it.

-- would like to see the idea of eating less meat being promoted. I don't think anybody really listens to the hardcore vegetarians and vegans.-- *nods* This is entirely true. And while I believe I'm better off without meat as are quite a bit of people who feel the urge to go vegan or veg, there are other types who need the protein and the vitamins from meat.

Cutting down is definately the best. The unsanitary and crowded conditions of modern factory farming is just breeding superbugs and pumping the casual consumer full of toxins that I don't want to think about. *flail*

Above comment was me btw. Sorry about that, forgot to sign in.

Also the uncensored Rise is full of sex and n00dz. At one point Lucy Liu is full frontal and hanging upside down from a meat hook or something and I'm thinking, she srsly needed a paycheck this badly??? 0_0 The rape scene was filmed like softcore porn and was lit romantically and I was like meh, they should have made it scary and traumatic so like we could identify with her going to kick some vampire ass. Nice Liu/hooker softcore at the beginning too. *le g*

I remember seeing some nude stills of her from the movie, actually! Well, of her nude and covered in blood.

I don't much like meat and I deplore the conditions under which its raised, so it's easy for me, I always think it means more for someone who really likes meat (like my sister who says things like 'you know what would make this vegan risotto delicious? bacon! and not in a mean way, in the way that thinks bacon makes everything taste better).

But I really think there should be an option to not have my food pumped full of nitrates and antibiotics.

I can definitely do without chicken and as far as red meat goes, I'm down to having it at most twice a week, anyway.

I do see the allure of bacon. :P

That's the really nice thing about living in SF. People actually care about that stuff (and are also rich, haha).

That's pretty much how I feel about it. I'm fine with eating animals, animals eat each other all the time, but a pride of lions hunting down a gazelle and a group of people cramming animals into tiny spaces and forcing them to live their short lives out in misery are not the same things.

I buy organic, but I buy free-range whenever I can. Cage-free eggs are so easy to find that I always buy them, they don't even really cost much more.

It's kind of funny that instead of true progress, we've gone the route of factory farms, and the old ways of farming are better.

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