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Get Killed. Get Noticed.

Went hiking (successfully) with lastcatastrophe yesterday; we scaled Mission Peak! It was fun. :D She brought her dog, and we came across a geocache by accident. There were a couple of little notebooks in a ziplock bag with entries from everyone who had found it (it was left there in 2005!) along with a map and instructions to leave stuff and take stuff from it. We didn't have any stuff to leave though, so we just left our names. :)

When we got to the top (after some pretty steep stretches *pant* *pant*) it was really windy, but there was a great view of the south part of the bay and the hills to the east. I've mostly gone hiking in the peninsula or Marin, which is a very different experience because that's in the redwoods or along the coast, and this was going up the hills. We plan to do some more East Bay hikes in the future. :D

On the way down we passed a cave and immediately sat down in it. It's just this human instinct to of like "ooh, shelter!" to immediately explore a cave, I guess. Except that this one went in like 5 feet so we just went in and sat and talked. It was a pretty tiring hike! When we got back to Lira's place, all 3 of us (yeah, the dog too) just flopped on the carpet, haha. Then we had dinner and killed ourselves laughing going through

And now I'm going home because I'm a little sick. *cough* *sniffle* Going to get some rest so I get better more quickly!

Stuff to add to my previous post: Another thing the crazy guy did while following me home was start to wax poetic about my jeans. I cut him off with "OLD NAVY". :P The Romanian guy was amazed that there were 40,000 people at the baseball game and practically no security. He was talking about how many police they need at football games in Europe. I was like, yeah, haha, a baseball game in the Bay Area is pretty much as mellow as it gets for professional sporting events.

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