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Happy New Year, everyone!

Happy New Year!!!

No profound thoughts from me. As I get older, supposedly special days seem to have less and less significance for me. :)

Watching the Flyers/Sharks game for intermission interviews, penalty calls etc and am dying of laughter at the announcers. First Teemu gets called the "flashing Finn" instead of the Finnish Flash, then they show Ken Hitchcock, Owen Nolan and somebody else on the screen and say "these three men share a very special bond". Then they go on to elaborate that they'll have to ask Owen to take them down to his wine cellar to show them the video.

Have decided on Thorty, Sunny, Owen, Cheech, Marco and Marleau for tomorrow's smut. Plot? All I know is that it will involve alcohol.

I've figured out all the guys on the list in Best of Seven. There'll be a BJ, a Hawk, a Star, an Av *weeps* and someone will fuck a duck. :)
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