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Talking to Strangers

First of all, tamiflu! Those 2 kids with the Indian-Chinese couple in Facebook are not theirs. I should have known because 1) their names are obviously Muslim and 2) they were way too pretty to be Indian-Chinese, haha.

I went to a Giants game on Friday night with Chip, Jenny and our company's newest hire who is Romanian (straight out of Romania!). I thought it might be a fun thing for him to go to because what's more American than baseball? :P It was an entertaining game despite the Giants losing 9-1--lots of facepalm moments, to be sure. Cain didn't have his command, Sabathia was great, the Giants defense was terrible, and none of the Giants could hit.

The Romanian guy was impressed by how fun baseball games are when you're actually there, as opposed to when you're watching on TV, which he found incredibly boring. It helped that we had good seats, field level 37th row between home plate and first base. Plus the food was good and it's just a really beautiful park. :) It wasn't even cold or windy because of where our seats were, and the fog came in so that when night fell and the lights came on, we were just enveloped in this gorgeous misty glow. It was like the park was a bubble inside a cloud.

I had a couple of odd experiences yesterday. Well, the second one was odd, the first one was just somewhat stressful. :P I was doing laundry and I took the back door out of my apartment because I was taking out the trash on the way to move a load into the dryer. I didn't lock the back door cos' they're painting the building and had put masking tape over the keyhole. Unfortunately, this meant that I didn't notice I didn't have keys and locked myself out of the building.

I didn't have my phone with me so I couldn't call anyone for help (and my roommate is in LA anyway), so my grand plan was to go around and ring every doorbell in the 5 buildings in my complex (connected by a labyrinth of passageways that lead to the trash room) hoping that somebody would answer their door at 4PM on a Saturday. :P But amazingly, someone did! So I went up to see if they would let me walk through their apartment and take the back door out.

Unfortunately, nobody living in the apartment could speak English. So I had to fumble and bumble my way through trying to explain my situation in Cantonese and... guys, I don't really speak Cantonese. Or understand it all that well. I think at one point I made the tenants (an ancient woman and 2 women in their 40s or 50s who SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SPEAK/UNDERSTAND ENGLISH) afraid and they were about to run away.

By some feat of creative interpretation, the ancient woman was able to figure out that I needed access to the labyrinth after I repeatedly said 1) I have no keys, 2) I live in the next building and 3) my back door is unlocked. So she came downstairs and let me in and I didn't have to sit forlornly outside my apartment to watch my laundry cool and wrinkle.

So I went out for a nice dinner (lobster roll, YUM!!!) at the Lobster Shack which is 2 blocks away from where I live. On the way back, this white guy in like his 50s wearing a Red Sox cap stopped me in an alley/side street and asked if I went to Stanford (as I was wearing my Stanford hoodie). I should point out that this was a well-lit side street with lots of car traffic and foot traffic in North Beach, which is crawling with cops, so I didn't feel nervous at all.

Anyway, he asked my name and we introduced ourselves and then when we shook hands, he KISSED THE BACK OF MY HAND. So I thought, well this person is obviously crazy, so I started walking home and he FOLLOWED me (but in a non-threatening way) and asked me if I would have dinner with him. Now, I'm really bad with responding to being asked out on a date. This doesn't happen often because I generally hate people I don't know and avoid them, but when it does, I just say, "No" and leave it at that, because I really don't want to do the whole song and dance of letting people down nicely and lying in the process. In this case the person seemed kind of crazy so I wouldn't have cared about that anyway, but that's my general principle.

If they want an explanation, I just tell them I don't date, which is true. I HATE dating. I think it's a waste of time because I don't believe that you can get an accurate picture of a person from a date, plus I'm not looking for a relationship anyway, because I like the way I am now, and I want to be myself for a little bit longer. I don't like the way I am in relationships. Oddly enough, crazy guy picked up on some of this because later on (after FOLLOWING me for two blocks) he called me a tease for walking around the neighbourhood and drawing attention to myself by project an air of being comfortable with myself (or something like that).

Anyway, when I'm crossing the road and waiting for cars to pass (because there's no stop sign) he just saunters into oncoming traffic and I thought he was going to get run over. But this is the US and cars generally try not to hit people so he didn't. This was very irritating for me. I hate when pedestrians are stupid like that. :P Anyway he saw my disparaging look and apologized for being "arrogant" (uhh, okay). Another thing he kept doing was talking about how he was San Francisco born and raised, to which I said, "GOOD FOR YOU".

This guy followed me ALL THE WAY HOME. Because he wanted to see me to my door or something. I was thinking, I'm not letting you know where I live, you crazy person, so I stopped outside a different building like I was going to go in and stared at him. He was leaning against a car and didn't seem like he was going to leave, so I said, "OKAY I'M GOING TO STAND HERE AND WAIT FOR YOU TO LEAVE" and he did.

Anyway, that was all weird and entertaining. I talked to him because he seemed crazy but not dangerous. Like he was probably a completely functional person (kind of a scary thought) and he said interesting things. If he was a boring crazy person I would probably just have run away.

Anyway, I'm off to see Lira and we will scale Mission Peak! In line with our whole star-crossed thing, I have a slight cold, but we will not be thwarted again!!!

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