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The Invincible M.A.E.

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San Francisco

I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

Odds are that your boss has never said, "Can you help me with something? I seem to have lost my fucking bucket" to you at the office.

It was a glorious San Francisco summer morning today on the way in to work. This means it was 57 degrees and foggy. :P I really do like it, though, it makes me feel alive.

I finally watched the Home Run Derby yesterday and was mesmerized by Josh Hamilton. Now I understand what all the fuss was about. It was pretty awesome to hear all the fans chanting his name. :) Also, Grady Sizemore has totally replaced Alex Rios as the pretty now that Rios has that fuzzy thing on his face. Eww.

My roommate was the one all gung ho to get the electric piano and I was meh about it, but now I'm the one who's been playing an hour or so every night when I get home from work and she's barely touched it. She likes ragtime and bought a couple of songbooks, but they're a bit too advanced for her right now. I started playing Maple Leaf Rag and was like, oh I know this! It kinda' kicked my ass at first but I got the first part down somewhat decently. Also played more stuff from the Twin Peaks soundtrack, various Enya songs and really simple arrangements of The Rainbow Connection and Climb Ev'ry Mountain and other stuff. My neighbours probably hate me. :P

Now that the schedule is out, much planning can be done! Specifically when tamiflu visits. If she comes in October, it should still be warm in the city!

Didn't know that The Middleman was based on graphic novels. I'll have to check them out, although I don't know that the things that appeal to me about the TV show would be there in the comics. The soundtrack adds a lot to that groovy '60s feel. There's a copy at the library. Unfortunately, I still have $28.95 in library fines for never returning The Ballad of the Whiskey Robber. Oops!

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Does Rios have facial hair? I know they've all been on and off with ... looking dirty this year (there is no other way to put it. If you can't grow facial hair, DON'T TRY. Hell, even if you can), but I thought he was in a clean phase. Regardless, pretty is still just a razor away, so I would never retract his pretty! :P

He's actually about to become (or possibly, just became) a daddy. I'm torn between "AWW" and "WTF ALREADY?" Sigh.


It's a bit like this but, I don't know, DENSER. I was very sad.

Oh, is he married? I think those photos of him with the girls in the hotel room are permanently burned into my brain.

Ahahaha I shall ask him that.

I have always wished I was in anyway musical.

what kind of bucket? is it good enough weather to make sand castles? If you go for the love of god wear sunblock this time.

Oh you'll be musical after you're forced to take piano lessons for 8 years. *shudder*

It's an expression from this movie we watched called The Eternal. It was set in Scotland and everyone kept saying "he's lost his bucket" to mean that someone was crazy.

It's never warm enough at the beaches up here to do anything but bundle up in a sweater, hee!

hee we say 'lost his bucket' to mean nuts as well. I thought he had literally lost it, like , i dont know, he used it to scoop up piles of money from his vault like scroge mcduck or something.

Oh good! It's a hilarious expression. The locals use it all throughout the movie and this American guy is kind of confused by it at first, and the best scene is when he's all frazzled and has seen way too many crazy things happen (and is seriously wasted) and loudly declares, "Well it's safe to say that somebody around here has lost their fucking bucket!"

Grady Sizemore is ridiculously adorable. I want to lick his hair and even I am weirded out by that. It's just so cute!

Is the fuzzy thing on Rios' face MRSA? Bwahahaha.

Liar. It is never warm in the city, except that one day I got lost going to Ellery's house and ended up in Japantown.

He is! I'm a sucker for that mixed race look (when it turns out nice).


It's warm for like... an entire month! Maybe 2! Mid-September through October. *nods*

Go pay your fines, slacker! Or just ask them when their Amnesty Day is, most public libraries have one :-P

You know, I went to their website and apparently I can pay them with my credit card online. *boggles* The internets is so cool!

Glad to hear you're enjoying the piano. A hour a night? That's lots. :D

Yeah, if I played that much when I was taking lessons, I would probably have been pretty decent. ;) The novelty will wear off, but it's nice that the thing is just there all the time.

M! It dawned on me today that I have a wedding on the 9th. :( Would you like to go hiking on the weekend before that? (2nd/3rd). Eep.

Sounds good! Either day works for me. :)

Saturday is good! I will investigate hikes online.

Thanks for looking up hikes! Looking forward to it!

Okay, I've found 3 that are all in the Skyline Ridge area:
Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve
Monte Bello Open Space Preserve
and umm... since we're not going on the guided hike...
Purisima Creek Redwoods

Um, this is kinda crazy, but would you like to go to BOTH Monte Bello and Rancho San Antonio? I was looking up the maps of these open space preserves and there is this one trail (Black Mountain) that criss-crosses from Monte Bello to Rancho San Antonio. I just think it'd be cool to walk from one to another! I think the distance in total in 9.5 miles. We can get my hubby to drop us of at Monte Bello and then pick us up in Rancho San Antonio. :D We'll have to bring lots of food and water, tho. It looks like a trek!

Oh, that would be fun! I'm a fan of long hikes. Let's do it! :D

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