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The Invincible M.A.E.

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You can call me "Patchy"

I woke up a bit early this morning, as I often do, and tried to go back to sleep. As I tugged the covers a bit higher over me, I saw on the sheets right below my chin this thing:

Anyway, I collected it on a magazine and tossed it out the window (I never kill spiders because I like that they eat mosquitoes, but there are pretty much no mosquitoes in Northern California, so maybe I should change that policy?), but needless to say, I'm not going back to sleep this morning.

My face started peeling last night and now I look ridiculous. The bits where skin peeled off are bright pink, which contrasts with the unpeeled skin, which is brownish. My chest area and everything between my shoulders and neck are still radioactive red. This may turn out to be worse than the Great Burn of 2007, suffered at a Giants game with half the exposure time of Venice Beach. The sorta' good thing is that my shoulders have just lost their redness and kept the brown and don't hurt or seem like they're about to peel. Same with my arms and legs.

I watched the episode of 30 Days about coal miners and have gained a whole new respect for them. Like, I always knew vaguely what they did and how grueling and dangerous it was, but to see what the typical day is like for them made it real. And it made me thankful for my aptitude for software development, because I'm quite underpaid for what I do right now, and I make as much as those coal miners for whom the biggest draw for their job is the salary.

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I would cry like a little girl eeeeeeeeek

It's only the squishy things that really upset me, like snails and slugs and caterpillars argh *shudder*

I saved Chip from a spider once! :P

*twitch* ick, heee you're a hero!

(Deleted comment)
Heh, did she fade back to white afterwards?

I knew better than to click on the link where I'd actually see the picture... and I did anyway. *shivers* Fucking. Hate. Spiders. *twitch*

Eep, burns like that are so lame. I hope you have lots of aloe or something. I'd offer hugs but I'd imagine touching is not something you want right now.

I put some aloe on, but the pain wasn't that bad so I haven't used it much. Mostly I'm just moisturizing now so that the peeling skin isn't as obvious. :P

Augh! I had that happen when I was at the cottage a few weeks ago. I was laying in bed reading when a big black spider scampered suddenly across the bed right next to my pillow. :( *shudders*

Also, I hope your burn gets better fast! I burn like crazy so I always try to be careful but every once in a while I get scorched and it's no fun at all. :(

It's very startling when they just appear all of a sudden like that!

Thanks! I anticipate that this weekend I still start shedding skin like mad, heh.

OMG I would have fallen out of bed and broken something. And then doused my room with Raid. X(

I like spiders well enough as long as I don't have to see them. You are far braver than I am.

I think sometimes they bite me in my sleep. :(

Be comforted, cause daddy long legs can't bite people. They are more toxic than the black widow, but their teeth aren't strong enough to break human skin.

...that means you have some other bed bugs, though. :(

Oddly enough, while trying to figure out what kind of spider almost crawled onto my face, I found a Wiki entry that says on MythBusters they had a daddy long legs bite someone, but all they felt was "a mild short-lived burning sensation".

I'm still stuck on the part where someone willingly let a spider bite them. >.

*sees the spider*

*runs away screaming*

*up in a tree*

I've always been afraid of spiders... *manga-effect for: YIKES!*

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, the whole translucent thing (combined with the size) was kind of icky. At least it didn't crawl onto me.

Isn't that spider just a daddy long legs? ;)

But ewww to them anyways! I used to pay my brothers a quarter to come and kill them in my bedroom.

Yep! I didn't know what it was called so I googled images of California spiders, hehe. I always thought that daddy long legs wasn't a real spider, and it's kind of confusing cos' something referred to by that name isn't actually a spider, but this one is.

I'm glad you don't kill them, spiders are very important to the eco-system.

Also, Lee's family were mining stock' his grandy was the first that flatly refused to work in ta' mine. We went to a couple of mining museums, and pretty fucking grim.

The thing is, even with health and safety being better, it's still a black hole in the ground.

Yeah, and miners still get black lung, and there are still mine collapses, as we've seen recently. That's a helluva way to earn a living.


I am sorry I have turned you into a Venice Freak Show. We're just like those god damn turtles.

Man, I brought moisturizer to the office today so I could keep myself from flaking too much. Also crazy was that there seem to be lots of different two-headed turtles! How many of these things are there out there???

Of course! I'm partial to predators. :P

All spiders bother me EXCEPT for the daddy long legs...weird. The reason I'm commenting on this now is because a spider showed up suddenly on my sweatshirt last night and I went into a panic dance. Anyway, I don't kill them either, I collect/take them outside.

They look less like spiders and more like insects to me, which is why I thought they weren't spiders.

I tend to freeze in terror when something like that happens to me, which tends to fool people into thinking I'm brave. :P Good for not killing spiders!

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