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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Almost like fic

Thanks to fullycompletely and robi0688 for this, muahahaha!
A rule to remember is that there is absolutely no fraternization between the Power Players and the hockey players. That is clearly stated up front and violators will be fired and players fined. In the past, there were several girls who were attending a hot tub party at Andy McDonald’s house. Joffrey Lupul was also there. In spite of all parties being single and consenting adults, all the girls involved were immediately dismissed and both McDonald and Lupul were fined. One of those girls, Gina, did go on to marry McDonald and the two of them had their first child last September.

I am done migrating to my new machine, aka Alex's old machine! This was helped along by the fact that my old machine won't start anymore. I now have a 30" monitor and a 20" monitor as a secondary. That's a lot of screen real estate. :P I'll take a picture tomorrow or something. I've also placed the "Blacklite Body Paint Kit" that my co-worker in Long Beach gave me right next to my monitor. :D

I kinda' miss being in Southern California... possibly because I won't be there for a while.

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Seriously, SERIOUSLY. WHAT THE HELL. This kid gets more rediculous by the day.

I get the impression that the whole thing was Gina's idea. :D

Wow. That is funny and kind of awesome.

I enjoy hockey player stupidity so much.

yeah the cheerleaders never go anywhere near the players *eye roll*

I bet Andy's wife is a real terror. :P

The Storm Squad has rules like that too--didn't stop Dixie (who was is a major-league bimbo) from passing herself around the locker room like a dollar blunt, though.


I love him and his turkey vaccinating ways.

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