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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to all the lovely Canadians on my friends list. :D And happy free agency to everyone else. *grin*

I was up last night until 2.30 AM for no good reason at all. Attempted to go to sleep at about midnight but I was just wide awake so I watched my recording of the draft instead for the interviews. It's weird, but I got a little weepy seeing Luke Schenn in the Leafs jersey. I never talk about them, but they're always there in my heart. I don't know if that will change when Mats goes somewhere else because he's the reason I liked them in the first place. But there's just something special about that team.

Watching Filatov's interview was ♥ ♥ ♥. He's got that Kovalchuk attitude going on and I like it. :P

Work started out really crappy cos' my machine wouldn't start. :( I got mildly panicked cos' there are a bunch of photoshop files and stuff on my machine that I haven't backed up elsewhere, but after 45 minutes of unplugging things and rain dancing I got it to start up. :) Rest of the morning spent frantically copying all the files that I think I'll need to network storage so I can get up and running on my new machine, which has been gathering dust because I've been too busy to get it set up.

The nice thing is when I'm done I'll have a 30" monitor as my main screen, plus a 22" secondary monitor and this machine will be several times faster than the one I've been using. Plus I get to ditch my current secondary monitor, which is narcoleptic (seriously, it falls asleep and goes blank like every half hour or so for no reason!).

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um ... when can i move in?? ;)

He's going to be such a little punk (I hope).


...But now that Raffi's with Columbus I kind of have to hate them, hahaha. I'm really trying to concentrate at work but I'm still kind of sick from last week and I must. keep. checking the tracker.

I'm still a big Czech Republic supporter, but the Russians have really grown on me!

There is a lot to like about them!

I'm going to have the hardest time figuring out who to root for by the time Vancouver comes around, ha. Either that or I'll just root for half the teams. :P

babe I am in love in love in love with my time machine, automatic back ups and I never have to think about it.

I have automatic backups for my home stuff, but for work stuff it's mostly installed applications which can't be backed up.

ok that would suck, this is why I teach english, i barely understand what you said.

ooo, rain dancing! I wonder what that looked like. :) I can't really imagine how big 30" monitor would be...

hey, wanna go hiking sometime? somewhere more wooded than mission peak, prolly? i can come pick u up in the city. it's been a while since we've gone "pottering"!

Mostly just being hopeful. :P It's massive. I'll take a picture when I'm all set up.

I've been thinking recently that I should come down to the South Bay to see you and we could go hiking! What are you up to this weekend? Next weekend I'll be in Santa Monica, but after that I don't have plans.

I'm not up to much this weekend. :) Will be busy for a few hours during the day on Friday, and then a BBQ on Saturday evening. So, I'm up for hiking both Sat and Sun!

Ooh, Saturday morning/afternoon would be good (since I'm flying on Monday morning, argh). Yay!

Saturday morning? I can come pick you up. :D

Sounds good! Oh, and my roommate and I are getting an electric piano! Do you still have my songbooks? :D

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