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Cute baby, pretty babies

Went to see lastcatastrophe yesterday. ♥ We wanted to go hike Mission Peak, but the whole Northern California is on fire thing was a little worrisome. So we watched 10 episodes of Arrested Development instead. I left Season 1 with her and I hope I haven't sabotaged her weekend/week.

I went to spend a few hours with Alex, Tessa and the baby today. They have some black and white flash cards and a book of images of various objects in black on white paper. I guess these are for really small babies because they can't see too well yet. I was showing the baby a picture and she seemed quite fascinated by it, and then when I flipped the page, I almost clubbed her in the face with it (baby book pages are quite thick) and I started laughing and then the baby started laughing too. She'd never laughed before!

I'm watching more of the past draft stuff (as well this year's draft) and OMG Derick Brassard is so pretty. And umm, so is Luke Schenn. And Filatov is the poutiest thing I've seen since Pavel Bure, thus of course I love him already. And Tyler Myers did so badly on his interviews with the various teams that obviously I like him for being so awkward and honest and not quite so polished and OMG I think he's in love with Luke Schenn.
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