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The wildfires are out to get us

lastcatastrophe and I were going to go hike Mission Peak, but umm, Northern California seems to be burning so there was a change of plans. We always seem to get thwarted. We're very star-crossed, but we persevere.

Just started watching The Middleman and I'm already in love. It's got a very '60s flavour to it, from the clothes, hairstyles, sorta' jazzy score to the dialogue, which is Pushing Daisies-ish, but with more of a '60s feel. Lots of gosh darn and heck and stuff. I thought I'd give it a shot cos' the premise is like The X-Files and I'm a sucker for fantasy/sci-fi, but it's definitely exceeded my expectations so far. :)

My head feels cold after my haircut.
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