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Fighting off a bunny

No! Bad Comriechuk! Go home! Stay away! *ahem*

Umm, vivelegardien and flanneryflyer, close your eyes. Well, actually it's just swoony comments and no gloating so you might want to take a peek. :)

Eee! It was so nice seeing Lira again! My fellow deviant. :P We were both scrambling to write smut before the game and during the intermission too.

Thorty is breathtakingly sexy. And he defended Cheech's honor. *swoon* Actually everyone defends Cheech's honor when he gets run over. Maybe because he's making his rounds with the boys. Nobody seems to defend Teemulanne's honor. Maybe because of that missed wraparound.

Eee, boys resting their heads on other boys' shoulders on the bench. *sighs happily* Soinlove.

Much butt whappage with sticks. Symbolic? :)

Lots of Mush and Brashear action. Thorty brought Mush's gloves to the penalty box for him.

Many penalties happened and I was muchos confused. I'll have to watch the tape to figure out what was going on.

Lira thinks I'm going to be supporting the Canucks in a couple of weeks! This is not true! Although I'm not averse to some hot Natuzzison goal celebration action. *shamefaced*

That little boy right in front of us was actually hanging onto our every word. I think years later he'll start writing slash fiction and not understand why.

I'm at work and nobody else is. I'm such a sucker. Oh I finally encountered my nemesis and the world is still spinning. I thought we'd eliminate each other in a flash of blinding light.

I wrote smut shamelessly on the train on the way to the game until a family with three young children walked by. Then I felt a tiny twinge of shame but kept writing. I think "hurry up and fuck me" or something like that was clearly visible at the time.

*sigh* I think I have to write an orgy for Thursday. IloveplayingtheStars indeed.

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