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The Invincible M.A.E.

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It wasn't even his draft year

Work is settling down enough to the point that I can actually kick back and watch TV at night, which is pretty much all I used to do beforehand. :P I recorded a bunch of the NHL All-Access draft specials from past years because I remember watching one where there were half-naked boys in bed with each other in their hotel rooms. Well, okay maybe they were half-naked and walking around together and others were half-naked in bed by themselves and my mind combined the two. Makes for better entertainment!

Anyway, I recorded them in hopes of catching such wonderful moments. I watched the 2004 one tonight which was cool cos' Ovechkin and Malkin were in that draft and it's great to watch it knowing what they would go on to do. However, approximately half of the episode was a Sidney Crosby wankfest (to borrow the phrase from crankygeek and early_afternoon).


They had interviews with him, his parents, coaches, teammates, clips of him playing when he was a little kid, and for Rimouski, and they even had him interview some of the guys who were getting drafted. I can only imagine what a wankfest the next year's edition was, heh.

The other thing I did was watch the end of Game 6 of the Final that I missed because I was too busy whining and commiserating over video chat. I was wondering if I would get tearful, just getting the chance to sit and absorb and see all the faces and the hugs, and then I realised that I fucking hate Doc Emrick.

Now, I have nothing against his content. Generally he says sensible things, and while I'm unimpressed by his attempts to be funny/witty/whatever he thinks he is, I'm neutral towards them. But he has such a HORRID VOICE. And he has absolutely no idea how to go with the flow of the game and use his voice to enhance the experience instead of screaming when he gets excited and talking sleepily when the boys aren't playing. I got kind of achy wishing I could have heard Jim Hughson call the game and how much better it would have been.

Winning the Cup is a special, special thing and he talked about it in such an ordinary manner. It's almost unforgivable to me. I liked when they interviewed Babcock and just let him talk, though, and I got a little weepy about that but then the interview ended and Emrick started talking again. I can't understand why people love him so much and think he's the "best in the business". He absolutely kills every game I've watched him call.

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I love Doc. He knows more about the opposing team than most announcers know about their teams. The most obnoxious voice in hockey, to me, is Rick Jeannerett, the Buffalo radio guy. I would SHOOT that guy if I heard his voice anywhere near me in person. Especially his obnoxious goal shriek. And I like the Sabres!

That's kind of like saying well... getting shot isn't as bad as having your leg cut off. :P

Well, Scooter, the old announcer for the Winter Hawks also had kind of a similar voice to Doc, but he was equally brilliant, so maybe I've just learned to appreciate what they're saying. (But there's no excuse for Jeanneret.)

Ok, tell me this guy is not obnoxious. *shudder* I can't stand how his voice cracks and wavers as he's screaming about any little thing.


I like how Doc just yells 'SCORES!' and the word is short. He doesn't shriek on for 30 seconds like an idiot soccer announcer. (The only reason soccer announcers yell like that is because nothing fucking happens in soccer, so they have to get their money's worth from the one goal that will be scored.)

I didn't disagree with you. I just said that just because he sounds terrible doesn't mean that Emrick doesn't sound terrible too. :P

god the wanking over sidney was bad.

I love how they were wanking away a YEAR early!

My 12 year old daughter wanted to know what was wrong with him (Doc). Of course we are spoiled by Ralph and Razor.

Yeah, I was talking to Tammy last night and we both agreed that we're spoiled. :P

Can't stand Doc unless he's doing Devils games. But then, I hate Eddie on national games too.

Of course he wasn't going to be uber excited (not that I watched it, cause I didn't), because the saviour didn't win it all. BUT...they threw out Sydor to talk to the media after the game, and he had only been good enough to play in 3 games since February.

I think it was so inappropriate for Edzo to be doing the Final. He's so obviously biased to the Penguins, and it's not so much even that he favours them (cos' it was pretty mild) but that he knows so much about them and talks about them more and stuff. Like I was rooting for the Pens and it made me uncomfortable.

Tammy told me they asked Sydor "How gut-wrenching was it..." and I didn't believe they could have asked something that awful AND THEY DID. Argh. The end of the coverage just felt so... like it was trivializing everything. And it's the STANLEY CUP.

My issue was that Syd was thrown out there by a team that didn't think he was good enough to freaking hardly play. Where was their captain? Where were the alternates? Yes. Crosby spoke later on, but whatever. *steps off soapbox*

1. Why do they even need to do that interview? :p

2. Because Syd probably stepped up in the room to do it. He was the ultimate professional and so supportive of his teammates when he was on the sidelines. Idk. He's stronger than all those mofos.

I don't think it's a case of him being told to go out there. He's probably asked or volunteered.


(Deleted comment)
I hated at the Frozen Four how they pulled aside a guy to interview him during the handshakes. So he doesn't get to participate! What a stupid move.

He should have told them to fuck off!!!

Yeah, there was this great little moment of Franzen shaking Filppula (I think) that I loved. I wish they had just shut up, maybe just commented on who was lifting it, but mostly just let us watch what was going on.

Luckily I rarely hear Emrick (or unluckily I guess, no CI), but every time I do, I want to pull my ears off. Ugh. UGH. Best in the business my ass. It's kind of like when people talk about Pierre McGuire's wealth of hockey knowledge and smarts and everything, and I'm like ... he's literally shrieking at me, and often in a creepy manner about his boy of the week. NOT OKAY.

They had interviews with him, his parents, coaches, teammates, clips of him playing when he was a little kid, and for Rimouski, and they even had him interview some of the guys who were getting drafted.

A shame they didn't have the dryer! Also, that's disgusting.

I got kind of achy wishing I could have heard Jim Hughson call the game and how much better it would have been.

Don't worry, so did the people who listened to Bob Cole. :P

*splurt splurt splurt* OH MY GAAAAAAWD!

Shut up, Bob Cole, I hate you.

You too, Pierre McGuire. You freak me out.

Ahahahaha I am still dying over McGuire screaming that Petr Sykora is injured and that's why he's playing terribly and Petr (2 feet away) staring at him on the bench ready to murder him.

He totally glared at him! I love when Petr gets a little grumpy. :)

A voice and speech pattern like that just doesn't belong in broadcasting. It doesn't matter what he's saying when the delivery is so poor. I actually don't mind McGuire so much because I'm used to Barry Melrose. I'm alarmed by how much McGuire and Milbury touch each other though. :(

It's strange because he seems almost exactly the same 4 years ago as he is now. Ovechkin too. I thought boys change a lot around that age.

At least Bob Cole is just fuddy duddy old man and not... whiny voice who behaves as if this is just another regular season game.

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