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I saw the lesbian!!!

Yes, indeed I did! Yes, I went to Sharks training camp today, and it was even more fun cos' I met Lira there! :) It was an odd, yet somewhat fitting meeting, since we were face to face, said "Hi", then promptly decided that we weren't talking to the right person. ;)

It was a very squealerific scrimmage again! Oh and I got to see some real live puckbunnies! I was very amused and almost burst out laughing when I saw them, but I didn't since they were sitting next to me.

Not going to go into detail about hotness of various players, cos', well, all of them are hot. Really. :)

We stalked, err, stayed after the game waiting for the players to come out and Lira got her jersey autographed by Harvey, and I took a picture of them (I hope it comes out well!) ... and after that we saw the lesbian!!! Eee!!! He's one of those lucky(?) people who looks the same in real life as he does in pictures. Now if he could only do something about those eyebrows. *grin*

I so cannot wait to watch these guys in action.

You know, in the pre-season game against the Avs. *whistles innocently*

EDIT: I just realized that I didn't explain who the lesbian is - it's Patrick Marleau. If you want to know why, read One Week. Sorry about that.

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