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*squeal* Natuzzison segment on NHL2Night yesterday!!! They are so awesome! *weeps*

*ahem* You know it's going to be a fun segment when about 10 seconds in they talk about Mo being "inserted between" Natuzzi. Chip and I exploded into laughter on that one. Then later Nazzy talks about Todd "having the tools", and Chip goes "he has a great tool!". Ahh, it's too fun that he's slash-friendly!

Anyway ... Markus with messy hair and ribbed sweater. *whimper* Todd with weird accent. Maybe he's picking Nazzy's up. No Mo interview! *pouts* Lots of hard hugs and great on ice action. Goals, that is.

Derian seems kind of shy and smart. Well, for a hockey player. *ahem* I paused the TiVo and it caught him and Barry mid-smile split screen. "Looks like they're doing something to each other off-screen" was Chip's comment. Hmm, how long before I can get him to write something ... *grin*

Wings/Stars game was awesome! It's just amazing to watch these two teams play. Especially now that I know a lot more about the game, I can appreciate all the stuff that they do right. Watched Rangers/Lightning too. Barnaby did his fucking turtling thing again. Grr. He pulled the same shit on us when they played in San Jose. Very satisfying to watch them lose. And cadaver boy? Man does he know how to work his stick. *grin*

Going to Flyers/Sharks game tonight with Lira! *squeal* And uhh, need to get started on some smut. *grin*
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