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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Chip and I were watching Rangers/Lightning and they showed Khabibulin for a long time and he was talking and twitching and Chip explodes:

"This guy is fucking nuts!"
"He's twitching so madly!"

Then they show him again and he continues:

"He's a complete freak!"
"If I were on the other team I would beat the shit out of him!"
"I'd be like ... stop!!!"

And then he goes on being very upset about the twitching. He made me laugh so much!

[Edit] He had more to say.

"Has anybody tried to commit him? I mean your head just shouldn't bob around like that. It's a clear sign of mental illness. Even a layman could diagnose it. Maybe it's a form of schizophrenia."

Etc, etc.

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*hugs Chip* Nutcase. Try explaining to him the idiosyncracies of goalies, maybe? *giggles*

I've already let him know that all goalies are, or will become, insane. This was a prime example. ;)

Speaking of goalie insanity...

I'm getting worried about Marc... He's always done this, but I've really started to notice in the past month or so since we've been talking about it...

After saves and stoppages in play and at the end of the period or game, he'll tap his goalposts with his stick... Always. Left then right.

I'm worried he spent a little too much time with Patty out in Colorado. And I know he's impressionable. *giggle* Just look at all the stuff he picked up from Tugger before he was traded to Dallas...

I'm sorry, but you knew he had to go sooner or later ...

*giggles all crazy like*


Dude, he was more with the twitching than I've ever seen before. I was in FreakyGoalieHEaven :-D

Indeed! He was twitching at a rate of 0.2 twitches/second.

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