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I just got THN today and flipped through it and there was an article with a big picture of Marian titled The Vindication. I just started getting weepy and I haven't even read it!

Had a wonderful weekend! Lay in the sun Saturday afternoon in the park on my beach mat reading sports magazines. Then went hiking (sorta) with Alex, Tessa, Tessa's parents and THE BABY yesterday! We went to the Beach Chalet at Ocean Beach for brunch (yummy!) and then went along the trail to the Palace of the Legion of Honour. The trail is nice and wide so the stroller could be pushed along it. Baby slept through the whole thing and only woke up and started crying when we stopped.

I HELD THE BABY!!! Well, not by choice. I'm terrified of babies. The smaller they are, the scarier. But I was sitting beside Alex and he was holding the baby and he just put her in my arms. She's a lot more solid than I was expecting, and with strong little legs! I don't know why I was expecting her to be so squishy. I've held puppies that size before and they're pretty solid.

I love the image for The Canadian Cartel in Dope Wars, haha. :D

Judging from the targeted advertising I receive, Facebook thinks that I'm fat and unhappily single. :(
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