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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Holy fucking shit ... Sunny scored!

Wow! Sunny scored a goal. Chip and I exploded into hysterical laughter when we saw the goal. I mean, I really love the guy, but ... shit ... I guess he could score with Jason Arnott if they were both stupid drunk. :)

Speaking of the whore, I sadly made the observation that is default expression when he's sitting on the bench is ... a vacant open-mouthed stare. *sigh*

Chip caught a slashy moment that I didn't! Stuart and Cheech look like they share a little smooch after Cheech's goal!

Theoness!!! He and Teemu grinned at each other in close proximity. Okay not in a friendly manner. Then Theo had a long talk with Mush. Teehee! He's such a conversationalist. :)

Umm, so overall, I was pretty happy with the way the game went. Heh, lowered expectations I guess. I kind of expect Teemu to be clubbed over the head without any calls ever. But Sunny's goal made me ridiculously happy, and I'm glad we at least got a point out of it.

Ouch, poor little Ducklings! *retrieves them and puts them in my pocket*

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Zee pimp chain is weighing his jaw down....right. :)

My mom constantly bugs me about Mo looking like an idiot with his mouth open.

All hockey players have the mouth open thing though. It's the whole stunned hockey player thing. :)

Yes, but she thinks that Mike should breathe through his nose and be able to control how much he sweats. "They're professional athletes, Tammy!" She thought he looked good tonight though.

Dude, Stuey and Cheech totally had a moment. A moment. ::feeds bunnies christmas candy::

And omg, could there have been anymore lustmord between Teemulanne and Fleo. [lustmord=that kind of passion that springs from intense anger/hate] Theo grabbed the back of Teemu's neck and my mom and I both thought he was going to lay one on him. So intense. I love my slashy Sharks. ;)

Dear lord, Teemulanne and Fleo. *then imagines a match-up between Kariya and Lindros* *giggle*

YAY Sunny!!! *licks him*

Eeee theo and teemu... indeed *grin*

*squeezes Cheech*

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