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Fuck you I won't do what you tell me

Blech. I was supposed to go hiking on Angel Island but I missed the ferry. :( :( :( I can go tomorrow, though, and maybe it'll be better weather and I'll have a little more sleep. I guess I can catch up on TV today including the Lost finale!

Caught Lincecum vs. Haren earlier this week. He looks so wrong in the Diamondbacks uniform. :( Like, I guess I've never really felt before that a player I liked on one of my teams should still be there and it's wrong that he isn't. Thorty, as much as it pains me to say, wasn't doing his job and shouldn't have been re-signed. Owen had to go for the sake of the team. And Marco and Bernie... those were good trades for us.

But Haren? I feel like he should still be with the A's. Like it wasn't time for him to go yet. Blah.

My sister, who has inherited my dad's unintentional sense of humour, remarked that EW "looks young, like he's in a boy band". He could totally be in a boy band!!!

Things I see on the way to work...

I totally wanna do that week in the life meme cos' I see so many interesting things on the walk in to work, but I have no camera. Yeah, sad. I keep hoping that someone's going to give me a hand-me-down camera, but... it's been like 5 years, so I guess I should give up on that. :P

After playing Killing in the Name on Guitar Hero 2 a couple of weeks ago, I found that I really liked the song. And I know it's about police brutality, but it also pretty much describes my teenage years, heh.
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