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Obviously I was not built for a regular work week

You know, I understand (and appreciate!) the YouTube comments I get, especially the ones in the secret languages of 12-year-olds. But then I get the following business email, and it's... still funny, but disturbing:
can u please send me the CARs screans that u just showed us in the meeting so i can start hooking it with te charts and work on geting life data to it.
thank u

I'm technically supposed to be working with this person, but I've worked with other members of her team before, and they gave me the impression that I'm going to be working around her, which is a big relief. :P

Since Alex went out on "paternity leave", I've been pretty much the primary contact for this customer - a big defense contractor - and it's a bit nerve-wracking. Their project manager is kind of fierce, and last week he kinda' berated someone in a meeting that I'd called into with "that's a poor excuse for..." so I was a little nervous today, but he was pleased with what I've done! :) He said the application looked incredible, and I got all glowy for a while.
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