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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Obviously I was not built for a regular work week

You know, I understand (and appreciate!) the YouTube comments I get, especially the ones in the secret languages of 12-year-olds. But then I get the following business email, and it's... still funny, but disturbing:
can u please send me the CARs screans that u just showed us in the meeting so i can start hooking it with te charts and work on geting life data to it.
thank u

I'm technically supposed to be working with this person, but I've worked with other members of her team before, and they gave me the impression that I'm going to be working around her, which is a big relief. :P

Since Alex went out on "paternity leave", I've been pretty much the primary contact for this customer - a big defense contractor - and it's a bit nerve-wracking. Their project manager is kind of fierce, and last week he kinda' berated someone in a meeting that I'd called into with "that's a poor excuse for..." so I was a little nervous today, but he was pleased with what I've done! :) He said the application looked incredible, and I got all glowy for a while.

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Hey you comin back out here this summer?

Nothing scheduled right now, but if either Sterling Commerce or Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Illinois, Oklahoma and New Mexico need me, I'll probably go! :P

A friend of mine gets entire business reports like that. It's... really sad.

Though I've heard it might be a matter of things being emailed from Blackberries, that sort of thing. A sort of almost forced txt spk.

No no no, this woman is in an office, haha!

Don't blame it on the Blackberries! A great deal of my comments and posts here at lj are made from my Blackberry and outside a few capital letters being missed, they're usually pretty coherent. LOL

Man, I get aggravated when people on message boards are too lazy to add a 'y' and 'o' to 'u,' but in a professional environment? I think my head would explode.

And I've met this person and even though she's ESL, she can communicate perfectly well! She doesn't have really bad grammar or struggles for words or anything, just an accent.

That's just ridiculous. I mean, no lie I would probably do that as a joke with a coworker I knew well enough so that they would take it as a joke (sorry can't form sentences tonight), but that? Nabby is not impressed.

In other news....AWESOME song ^_^

OMG the first time we played this song I sang and I was like WTF is wrong with these cracky Canadians? But it really grew on me. :) And the drums are so frantic, haha.

Edited at 2008-05-30 04:54 pm (UTC)

that is an utterly unacceptable way to speak in a work email.

In a work text.

if English is your second language.

Even you are texting and English is your second language and you are being chased by wolves through a forest that is al wrong.

Yeah, I've had lots of email exchanges with severely ESL people who were quite coherent in email. This person just seems to have 12-year-old-itis.

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