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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I love YouTube comments

Not as awesome as the one about blowing Sidney Crosby's girlfriends up, but still pretty awesome:
lol wow sumin strange 4 all is my uncle lol! wen i told him i like Jason Spezza hes like oh yea hes good n godd lookin LOL! i think he sgree's wit u <3

I'm slightly hungover, WTF? I had like, 2 ounces of weak beer. I was incredibly giggly last night, though. I'm not sure what exactly about. I do remember Jenny doing an impression of a shark trying to swim without fins, though.

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Well, Cindy says that Vermette is huge amongst the gay male population of Ottawa, so now Spezza can have his own bragging rights! ... Of a sort. :P

Muahahaha!!! He's huge among uncles? I guess he gets that trophy all to himself.

I bet he'd be downright excited if it came with a trophy!

... he totally would!!! And then he would fight with Vermette over whose trophy was better.

I love the amount of stupid on the internet. god this is why people disrespect teenagers.

It's like they're developing their own language!

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